Manuel Ferrara’s Ripe 4: Thank Heavens for Fresh Girls


Ripe 4 Movie Details

Title: Ripe 4
Studio: Jules Jordan Video
Director: Manuel Ferrara
Stars: Haley Reed, Anya Olsen, Jill Kassidy, Manuel Ferrara, Riley Star
Overall Rating:

3.5 stars

If you somehow have been feeling that you can’t find enough ripe, fresh young girls in porn, if for some reason you aren’t able to locate girls that are young, horny, and ready to get fucked in every hole, Manuel Ferrara is here to help with Ripe 4. He is very concerned about the scarcity of hot young girls, and his series Ripe is dedicated to bringing you brand new chicks. Thank heavens someone is thinking of you, the consumer, and your need for the kind of sluts who are still fresh. Thank you, Manuel. And thank you for Ripe 4.

Haley Reed is 5’10”, but she still looks like a little sex toy next to Manuel, who does his usual panting, moaning thing; Haley gets a good intro interview session, but it’s a girl doing it, and once Manuel shows up, there’s no time for interviews or even much talking that isn’t about where his cock is going. It’s going in her pussy, and in her mouth, and in her asshole, because Manuel doesn’t really tolerate girls, even fresh, ripe ones, who don’t have room for the Ferrara meat in every hole. Fortunately, Haley is ready for all of it and just as ready for him to pop on her face.

Blonde Riley Starr has tiny, perky tits, a big juicy ass, a cute smile, and no reluctance at all to get fucked in every hole. Her interview section is short, not that informative, and totally unnecessary. Nobody came to this movie to find out how good a waitress she was when she was a waitress. Riley giggles as Manuel teases her asshole with his thumb but doesn’t let him put anything bigger in it, he keeps straying there with his fingers, but she gets all the way to the facial without allowing any incursions.

Manuel can’t wait to start playing with Anya Olsen, so he mixes in her interview with footage of her doing some tease posing in sexy red lingerie, with a voiceover of her talking about how she likes it when a guy comes quickly, and how much she likes anal. Anya is a sexy dishwater blonde with a lean body and a pretty, model-hot face, and she’s as hungry for cock as any girl you’ve ever seen. She’s got nice, bouncy tits with pert nipples, and a capacious ass that she begs Manuel to fill with his cock. Of course, he obliges, and he makes her squirt on his fingers, too.

Jill Kassidy is dressed like she just came from Max Hardcore’s house, tiny panties that show off her cameltoe, a belly shirt that says ‘Popular Slut Club’, knee-high stockings, and a choker; she’s classic teen slut material, even if she is 21. Manuel spends a lot of time showing video of her stretching, and kicks things off with the seductive phrase “I’m going to make you squat on my penis later”. You can’t beat the French for romance. She says the ultimate workout for her is sex, and Manuel gets her sweaty; he fingers her, has her suck his cock and tongue his ass, and fucks her pussy till he pulls out and pops on her face.

Val Williams

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