My Dad, Your Dad: Calm Down, There Are Enough Dads for Everyone


My Dad, Your Dad Movie Details

Title: My Dad, Your Dad
Studio: Sweet Sinner
Director: Jacky St James
Stars: Reagan Foxx, Alexis Fawx, Kimber Woods, Carmen Caliente
Overall Rating:

4.25 stars

There’s something really sexy about older men, says the narrator of My Dad, Your Dad, and you can’t really argue with her. After all, the dads in the movie are undeniably fuckable and some of porn’s most reliable stars. They’re overshadowed, as usual, by the girls, though; the young and natural Carmen Caliente and Kimber Wood make for a dynamic pair, and Alexis Fawx and Reagan Foxx (no relation), with their big fake boobs and experienced faces, provide a nice contrast.

When Alexis Fawx and her best friends left boob and right boob show up to give new neighbor Steve Holmes a housewarming present, he invites her in to dinner and then for some after-dinner playtime. The busty blonde is freshly divorced and happy to get down to action; her enormous tits come out immediately, and she’s bent over the dinner table before you can say ‘bend over, Alexis’. She doesn’t need to be told. Steve takes her right there in the dining room, risky, given that Steve’s daughter Kimber Wood might walk in at any time, but as we will find out later, Kimber is a sophisticated girl. Fucked from behind, riding Steve’s face and cock, and covered in cum when Steve drops his load on her pussy, Alexis is satisfied that her new neighbor is a good addition to the block.

Carmen Caliente wants some of what she’s been hearing all the women in the neighborhood talk about, Steve’s been fucking all of them, so she hatches a plan to get some. Befriending Kimber as part one of the plan, she suggests swapping dads, which surprises Kimber, who needs to be convinced. She tells Kimber both that she wants to fuck Steve and that her own dad isn’t getting what hen wants at home, since her mom, Reagan Foxx, is having an affair with the gardener, Van Wylde. The hot young gardener, she says, just comes over and bones her mom silly. Reagan doesn’t seem like the kind of woman a healthy guy would ignore, but maybe she just has extra needs. When Reagan tells him to stop thinking about the neighborhood gossips and focus on more important things, like her vagina, he can’t help but comply, and we’re treated to the sight of Reagan’s healthy tits bouncing wildly as she rides his cock and gets railed from behind. The women in this neighborhood love fucking, and they love getting a load on the pussy.

Kimber feels sorry for Carmen’s dad Marcus London (whether or not he’s actually getting cheated on is up for debate, Carmen may have made that up, but it was a convincing story) and she agrees to the idea of swapping dads. It helps that he spends most of his time jerking it to brunette barely-legal schoolgirl porn, and it helps even more that when she walks in on him doing it, she’s dressed like his hottest fantasy. It doesn’t take him long to succumb to her charms, and soon she’s squealing like a barely-legal schoolgirl while he buries his face in her pussy. Then it’s his fingers, and then she’s lubing up his cock with her mouth, and then, well, you know how these things go. After getting fucked in missionary, doggy, spoon and cowgirl, in keeping with the neighborhood HOA, she takes his load on her bush.

Carmen has been trying everything to get Kimber’s dad in bed, but the fact that he’s getting all the action he can use from the more experienced women in the neighborhood is kind of cock-blocking her best efforts. She’s frustrated for weeks, but she gets to masturbate thinking about it, at least until he invites her over for some cooking lessons. Her attempts at seduction get turned upside down, as he finally makes the move she’s been waiting for, and he bends her over the kitchen table and starts licking. Steve takes over the seduction, and all of a sudden, Carmen is playing in a whole different league. Steve licks, fingers, caresses, fucks and suck until she can barely move, but she begs for more at every step. The young blonde takes him in every position, and finally he pumps his cum on her taut belly.

Val Williams

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