Don’t Tell My Wife I Buttfucked Her Best Friend 7: She’s Probably Going to Find Out Anyway

Don’t Tell My Wife I Buttfucked Her Best Friend 7 Movie Details

Title: Don’t Tell My Wife I Buttfucked Her Best Friend 7
Studio: Devils Film
Director: David Lord
Stars: Ella Nova, Britney Amber, Lylith Lavey, Brooke Sinclair
Overall Rating:

3.5 stars

Don’t Tell My Wife I Buttfucked Her Best Friend 7: If she were really your wife’s best friend, she probably wouldn’t have let you buttfuck her, would she have? Seriously, are the bonds between modern women so fragile, so tenuous, that these incidents, a divorce, a bender, a business trip, are enough to make these women betray the trust placed in them by their closest friends? Apparently they are. We live in a fallen and imperfect world. But one with so many fantastic tits in it. It’s hard to blame the men, but maybe there’s something to the parts of pop culture that tell us we’re animals, uncontrolled and beastly in our urges. I’m just going to watch Lylith LaVey sucking cock and not think about it.

Britney Amber has apparently been waiting until her best friend decided to ditch her husband, because while he’s standing in the bedroom wondering what he’s going to do now that his ex has given away all his stuff, she puts the moves on him. His heartbreak turns to a boner when Britney lets him know he’s got access to those big tits whenever he wants it, and it’s not long before they’re out and he’s got his face buried in her pussy. She takes his cock deep in mouth and pussy and helps him forget all about his troubles, and that’s before she asks him to put it in her other hole. He knows exactly what she means and plows her tight sphincter immediately. And let me tell you, she’s got the cleanest asshole I’ve ever seen. They both enjoy the anal, and he unloads in her ass-crack.

A lot of times, guys try to rationalize cheating, but Evan Stone`s excuse is that he’s just really horny and he’s been thinking about Brooke Sinclair`s ass, which, honestly, can’t blame him. He’s not shy about sneaking off in the middle of the day while his wife is drinking and getting Brooke alone in the bedroom, where he takes out his dick and gets he naked and sucking. She’s got nice big natural tits and a gorgeous ass, which he plunders happily as soon as he decently can. While his wife lies drunk outside, he pounds Brooke silly and blasts his load all over her tits.

Sometimes it’s the guy who’s been lusting after his wife’s best friend, and sometimes the friend is the one to blame. In this case, it’s Lylith LaVey, a tattooed Goth slut, who’s been dripping with anticipation for the day when her best friend goes out of town and leaves Derrick Pierce alone in the house. They both know he’s not going to remember to water the plants, and if she keeps coming over dressed like that, showing off those big boobs, it’s no wonder. You’d forget about the plants too if all that sweater meat was bouncing around in front of your face. She says her pussy has soaked through her panties because she’s so horny, but it’s her ass she wants fucked, and Derrick is happy to oblige, right up till he pulls out of her ass and pops on her cheeks.

Ella Nova isn’t even pretending there’s an excuse for her to betray her best friend, she tells Mr. Pete that she’s always had the hots for him, and she wants to be with him, and it’s okay if it’s a secret, but could she just please have his dick in her? And he thinks he can do that, but on one condition, he has to get in her ass. Implying that he wouldn’t be fucking her if she weren’t willing to give up the backdoor has no effect on her ardor, and she goes for it, stripping down, working his balls, drooling all over her tits, and begging for his cock in every hole. It’s rough and hard, he treats her like the slut she wants to be, slapping her around and pounding her until he pops on her bush.

Val Williams

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