New Pleasures: Really Just the Old Pleasures, But Still Good Pleasures


New Pleasures Movie Details

Title: New Pleasures
Studio: Dane Jones
Stars: Adam Black, Evelin Neil, Mona, Anna Swix, Kayla, Alex, Steve, Nick
Overall Rating:

3.5 stars

I hate to tell you this, but as far as I can tell, New Pleasures is just about the old pleasures. I mean, the pleasures are good, don’t get me wrong, but as veteran porn viewers, you and I are familiar with almost all of them. I can’t be sure if all of the ones in this movie are exactly the same as the ones we’re used to; there might be some slight but crucial differences, but since a good deal of the movie is conducted in some Eastern European tongue with which I am not conversant, it’s impossible for me to tell without a significant deal more investment than I am willing to put into this one review. Sure, it might eventually be helpful for my career to learn to speak Czech, but I just don’t have the time right now.

Adam has bought Alex a present, some lingerie, and she’s eager to try it on, immediately after which he is just as eager to take it off. Alex is a cute strawberry blonde with nice perky little tits, and while it’s nice that our view of them is unencumbered by the frankly pedestrian underwear she got for Christmas, it seems a little greedy of Adam not to let her wear it for more than thirty seconds. Alex rewards him with a careful blowjob anyway; the whole scene is conducted in an odd silence, which on the one hand seems strange because she’s not shrieking like an American porn star would, but on the other is restful and pleasant. The noise increases as the action proceeds through all the standard positions, and Adam finally pulls out to shoot on her upturned ass, so if you were lost and feeling disoriented, there’s that.

Anne’s hair is dyed a fiery scarlet, and Denny is a pretty standard looking mook. They don’t bother with presents, starting off in media res with some kissing and then stripping down to get on with it before we get bored. Anne, a slender girl with small breasts and a baby face, has on a surprisingly modest approximation of a schoolgirl outfit, but she is not surprisingly modest when it comes to sucking cock; when Denny’s comes out of his jeans, she tucks in right away, lubing him up with her mouth so he can get behind her and slide inside as soon as he’s ready, which is pretty much immediately. He does eventually go down on her, and they run through doggy, missionary, spoon, and the rest until he pops on her belly.

Cayla wanders around the house like a sexy little ghost, blonde, clad in white lingerie, and displaying herself until Nick arrives, slouching diffidently over to make out with her. That’s how you get rid of ghosts in the remnants of the Warsaw Pact, I guess. Once she’s got his attention, Cayla takes the initiative, pushing him into a bedroom and getting his dick out so she can feed. Wait, that’s vampires, not ghosts. I’ve lost track. Anyway, they trade oral and then fuck, with one notable position being the one where Cayla holds her own leg, it’s hard to describe. Just look for the one where she holds her leg, it comes after the doggy but before the spoon. You’ll see it. it’s really just a modified doggy, but I am really looking hard for new pleasures here. Anyway, he ends up having an orgasm whose vigor is startling, for her especially, since it looked like he was going to leave his calling card on her belly but ended up making a mess of a surprisingly larger area.

Eveline and Steve are looking kind of romantic; Eveline is a slender, pretty brunette with tits that aren’t much more than nipples, and Steve is Steve. You know the type. He asks if she slept well, and she did, but it’s past time for sleep and he wants some action. he tells her she’s wild, but she’s not really the one pushing the pace yet. She gets up on her hands and knees so he can get those panties down and eat her like he’s learning anatomy. he buries his fingers and tongue in her pussy and his nose in her asshole; she rides him to several orgasms, he rides her to several more, pumps her energetically from behind, and pulls out to come carefully on her rosebud, after which they cuddle till they fall asleep.

Mona’s got long chestnut hair and a pretty, exotic face, she looks a little like Christy Canyon except not naturally busty, and she and Denny spend an inordinate amount of time making out before they finally start to get undressed. I guess that’s a new pleasure? Taking a while to get to it? By civilian standards, they still get to the cocksucking pretty quickly, and Mona looks good doing it. She clearly relishes her task, and Denny’s moans are a testament to her skills. These two do a lot of oral, well over half the scene, before getting to the penetration part of the menu, but it’s worth the ride. There’s more oral after the fucking starts, too Mona and Denny are really into it, which is super hot. They do end up fucking in missionary, doggy and cowgirl, and Denny delivers a loud and possibly unplanned creampie as she bounces to her own loud climax.

Val Williams

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