Mommy Likes to Watch 2: Showtime


Mommy Likes to Watch 2 Movie Details

Title: Mommy Likes to Watch 2
Studio: Devils Film
Stars: Kenzie Reeves, Jaye Summers, Carmen Caliente, Ella Knox
Overall Rating:

3.5 stars

It shouldn’t be too surprising that Mommy Likes to Watch, given everything else Mommy likes to get up to in this town. Some of the mommies in this movie are really enthusiastic about watching their daughters get boned silly by older men, and some of them only come around eventually after realizing that their daughters are all grown up now and can’t be controlled. If you can’t stop the show, might as well enjoy it, right?

Ella Knox loves the new bed Eric Masterson has made for her, but she doesn’t want to wait till Mommy gets home to pay him for his labors. She doesn’t have any money, so she rewards him with a glimpse of her big tits and a loving blowjob. Mommy Melissa Hill gets home in the middle of it, and she agrees that the craftsman deserves a tip ? the tip of his cock in her daughter’s mouth! She looks on as Ella sucks cock the way she was taught; she gives advice on how to fuck her daughter’s tits and watches as Ella climbs aboard Eric for a RCG ride. Melissa stays through the whole show, watching Ella’s bouncing tits and wet pussy, and when Eric blasts on those big tits, she congratulates Ella on graduating from slut school.

Jaye Summers can’t keep her hands off mommy Rachael Cavalli`s boyfriend’s cock, and the movie they were all watching takes a backseat to Jaye handling Tommy Gunn`s cock. Rachael isn’t enjoying watching all that much, but Jaye’s mouth and pussy are hungry hungry holes, and she climbs on to Tommy’s cock before Rachael can do anything about it. While Jaye is still bouncing on Tommy’s cock, Rachael gets her tits out for Tommy to play with, and she starts to get into the swing of things when Tommy puts Jaye on her hands and knees for a hard doggy fuck. Tommy brings her into the action when he pulls out of Jaye and splashes his load across Rachael’s tits.

Filthy Rich is getting dressed for work, but tiny little blonde Kenzie Reeves has some other ideas, she wants some playtime with Daddy, like they had the other day. He’s a little worried about Mommy finding out, but Kenzie promises she won’t tell anyone. Accidents happen, though, and when mommy Maya Devine comes home early, things look rocky until Mommy starts giving cocksucking lessons. Maya lies down on the bed and Rich pushes Kenzie down on her so he can fuck the little blonde silly while Maya offers commentary and the occasional bit of advice about where the legs go. When Rich pops on Kenzie’s face, Maya practically applauds.

“You’re not even my real dad!” says Carmen Caliente when John Strong catches her having a soak in the bathtub he shares with Mercedes Carrera. He tell she to get out, but when he realizes that means seeing her naked, reverses course pretty quickly. Carmen knows that what she wants isn’t really a bath, though, and she’s choking on his cock within seconds as he feebly protests. When Mercedes walks in, she tries to make Carmen stop, but things have gone too far for that. John can’t really talk about it, as he’s busy eating Carmen’s tight little teen pussy, but Mercedes comes to a realization about pleasing her man and her man pleasing her daughter, and right away she’s fingering her own pussy, getting her big fake tits out, advising John to make Carmen come. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, and John’s jizz falls directly on Carmen’s bouncy ass.

Val Williams

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