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Perfect: 8 Amazing Natural Tits You Might Not Have Known About

Editor’s note: This GameLink blog post was originally published in 2017.

By: Val Williams

If you’re like me – you’re probably not, but let’s just say you are for a minute – you love porn and you love girls and you love girls in porn, but you might not love the biggest stars the most. You might feel that there’s a certain sameness about the women that make it to the very top, and you might get more enjoyment out of some of the women that never become contract girls or Spice Channel hosts or household names. You might like girls who fly a little lower under the radar. Well, I do. And I really like nice breasts. So here’s a list of some of the nicest ones I know of that you might not have seen before. If you’re not like me, that is.

  • 1. Lucie Wilde

    This ethereal Czech sprite, who has also performed under the name Busty Buffy (which is an entirely inadequate description), has one of porn’s most astonishing sets of natural boobs. Looking at her is like looking at an amazing cartoon girl come to life. Her measurements are allegedly 32F, but it seems more likely that whoever was measuring got to F and collapsed from exhaustion.

  • 2. Lana Rhoades

    A lot of pictures of Lana Rhoades look as if she’s smuggling pumpkins, but those are actually just amazing tits. 33D, say the statistics, and I believe them, but numbers and letters fade into insignificance when you try to apply them to such perfection. Would you try to number the purple mountains majesty, or name the wind? Well, if the wind weren’t already named Maria, I mean.

  • 3. Erica Campbell

    Playboy’s Model of the Year in 2005, Erica Campbell has really only done softcore and a little tiny bit of girl-girl, but not everything has to be gynecology and hydraulics. A little mystery is nice. Well, she’s not really mysterious, because she just goes on ahead and shows everything, but you know what I mean. This is porn the old-school way, when you had to use your imagination. 34D is a nice thing to imagine. Go on ahead, and then check them out for real.

  • 4. Jessica Robbin

    Jessica Robbin, although she is sporting a pair of lovely DDD boobs, is on this list not because of size, but because she’s a redhead. There’s something about the redhead complexion – that pure, creamy skin contrasted with the red locks – that makes a perfect set of tits even perfecter, and no matter what the size of the cup, the combination is always amazing.

  • 5. Noelle Easton

    Noelle Easton is another big busty girl; with a set of DDs on a 5’4″ frame, Noelle has the same general proportions as superstars like Christy Canyon and Gianna Michaels. In addition, like Canyon, she has a face that just looks classy, so when she brings out the big guns, you get the extra thrill of seeing a high-class girl being dirty.

  • 6. Lena Paul

    No relation to Rand Paul and Ron Paul (oh, god, I hope she’s no relation). Lena Paul is a fresh-faced relative newcomer to porn who has spent a good deal of her time doing webscenes and girl-girl, but has enough experience in mainstream that fans of seeing a big bouncing pair of 32DDDs swinging during a fucking won’t be disappointed. Lena looks like a real innocent sweetie, but that might be wishful thinking on my part.

  • 7. Sensual Jane

    You have to applaud Sensual Jane, a Romanian import with a lovely set of natural 36DD boobs, for picking a name that’s less…outre than most porn stars’. It’s not every girl with huge breasts that opts to emphasize their soft, sensual nature instead of the cruder aspects of a giant rack. Think about being enveloped in those big soft pillows and then tell me sensual isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. Don’t lie – I’ll know.

    8. Nekane

    Porn is full of knockouts with bodies in every shape and size, but my favorites are the ones who look like the pinups movie stars of the forties and fifties. Nekane, a Spanish girl with a lovely D-cup bust, was one of Nacho Vidal’s discoveries. You might think She might look a little too demure and sweet to be fucking the Madman, but you’d be very, very wrong.

  • 9. Nickey Huntsman

    Nickey Huntsman’s C-cups are the smallest on this list, but size isn’t everything. This list is about quality, not quantity – except in that every girl on the list has a quantity of two breasts, but that is beside the point – and when it comes to quality, Nickey is firm, perky and a perfect illustration of the axiom that a perfect handful should be enough for any man.

Val Williams

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