She’s So Small 14: She Really Is


She’s So Small 14 Movie Details

Title: She’s So Small 14
Studio: Porn Pros
Stars: Piper Perri, Bailey Brooke, Arielle Faye, Jade Amber
Overall Rating:

3.75 stars

If there’s one thing you know about porn stars, and there is basically only one thing you know about porn stars, because they are far from homogenous lot, and the things you think you know are almost all either outdated or prudish propaganda (or MRA propaganda, but that’s another discussion)- it’s that she’s so small 14. Yes, it’s not just that he huge dicks make them look small; they’re selected and possibly bred (perhaps to make the dicks look bigger). She’s So Small 14 provides you with a glimpse of some of these women, with cum on their faces.

Bailey Brooke is a cute blonde who cavorts with her toys for a bit to entice us, then puts her ass in the air for her man, who gets his face deep between her cheeks and starts grinding. You can’t tell because she’s rarely upright, but Bailey Brooke only stands 5’1″, which is small, but not the smallest we’re going to see on our tour of small town today. Bailey is a studious cocksucker who looks like she’s really tailored her blowjob for her man; she can’t take it all, but she puts on a good show. Her pale skin against the white sheets is a nice effect, and her surprisingly curvy body, with a nice set of C-cup tits, looks great in the stark room. She’s enthusiastic but not too noisy, and she takes the inevitable facial with an open mouth and a smile.

Arielle Faye, slightly smaller than Bailey at 5 foot even, has a little schoolgirl thing going on, with a tight little shirt, a microscopic plaid skirt, matching panties, and white knee-high socks that lead straight up to a bare pussy. She’s a brunette with a tight 32A-23-34 frame that she does not hesitate to show off when she arrives in the principal’s office to have her luck. She knows that the principal is her pal, but she wants to make him her fuck toy as well, and although he tries to work while she slowly strips down and starts masturbating, he’s no match for her best efforts, and soon she’s kneeling in front of him with his dick in her mouth. A good deal of that, and the rest of it, is POV-style for those of you who like that kind of thing, but enough of it isn’t that everyone can enjoy. She gets bent over the desk, fucked from every angle, and, of course, facialized.

Properly speaking, Jade Amber, an adorable blonde with a cute pink bow in her hair, shouldn’t even be in this movie. If I were really obsessed with small women, I would be outraged at the presence of the 5’5″ Jade, who stands an inch taller than the national average (here, that is; in Latvia, the Netherlands, Estonia, and the Czech Republic, she’d be perfectly average). However, she has really nice C-Cup tits, and I like nice tits more than I care about tiny women. She also has a face that doesn’t look innocent at all, and I’m very much in favor of a woman who looks at home with a load on her face, which of course she does, because porn.

Piper Perri, now, Piper Perri is tiny. At 4’9″, she would blend in perfectly in Guatemala, where the shortest women in the world, on average, are the same height as she is. Or she would, except for two things: being the blondest, whitest girl you’ve ever seen this side of an actual albino, and wearing nothing but a pair of American flag socks which, if she weren’t an adorable tiny blonde with perky little tits and a cock in her mouth, would be the cutest thing about her. When you see her next to Chris Strokes, you will see tiny in a whole new way; if his cock went straight back, it would go out the back of her head. It is a testament to the resiliency of the female body that she manages to find enough room inside her for as much of it as she does. It fills her up so completely that there is no room in her for cum, so she takes it on the face. Surprise.

Val Williams

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