Insane Ingenues: Crazy Fun Sex

Insane Ingenues Movie Details

Title: Insane Ingenues
Studio: Pretty Dirty
Director: Craven Moorehead
Stars: Maya Bijou, Gina Valentina, Jillian Janson, Sara Luvv, John Strong, Derrick Pierce, Seth Gamble, Michael Vegas
Overall Rating:

4 stars

Insane Ingenues (and there are those who will tell you that in porn three is no other kind) is about crazy girls, girls who won’t take no for an answer, girls who stalk, blackmail, and coerce – the kind of girls you wish you could meet until you meet one. It starts off with a funky little bass riff that will make you think of vintage porn, but there’s nothing really vintage about it. There are a lot of very modern things going on, not least the stepdaughter idea in the first vignette – back in the day, they weren’t afraid to have straight up father-daughter incest, and people used to agonize a lot more before they gave up and let their relatives suck their cocks. Times have changed, times have changed. The men in this movie are very weak-willed, but it’s hard to blame them. Every day, some guy somewhere throws it all away for some pussy. These are the best-case scenarios.

John Strong is just trying to get some work done, talking on the phone with his boss, but Maya Bijou wants attention, and the best way she can think of to get it is to pull his pants down and suck on his big daddy cock. His protests last just as long as it takes to get him off the phone, and then he applies the dick with a will, answering to punish her for being such a brat but actually delivering what seems a lot more like a reward, fucking the bouncy little Latina with vim and vigor until she begs him to shoot a load on her face, which he does.

Gina Valentina is masturbating at home, thinking of her teacher, when he calls to mention that she really should be in class; she intercepts the call, pretends to be her mom, and sets up a parent-teacher meeting, which occasion she uses to seduce the hapless Derrick Pierce, who is ready to fuck a student anyway and goes right for the bait. Gina is just as ready to fuck as he is, and the fact that her parents aren’t actually there speeds things right up. Gina is a bad girl, and nothing’s going to change that. Nobody who’s not says “Fuck me like a dirty whore” with quite the same inflection, and she knows how to work that lithe brown body.

When Jillian Janson finds out that Professor Seth Gamble has a history of fucking his students and lied about it on his resume, she sees a perfect opportunity to get laid and also blackmail a guy, so she goes over to his house, and lets him know that he’d better deploy some dick PDQ or she’s going to have his balls in a mangle. She wants him to demonstrate some fetishes – a little choking, a little slapping, some rough fucking – and then fucks her stupid by way of giving her practical experience in the sorts of things he lectures about. She cries and whines, but she gets what she asked for, right up to the point when he pops his load in her mouth.

Michael Vegas has just had a very successful first date with a gorgeous blonde, but he’s getting some harassment from different quarters – Sara Luvv doesn’t care that she’s breaking the restraining order, and 911 won’t help. Such a tiny little thing shouldn’t be able to inspire such terror in such a big, capable guy, but if she stalks with the same intensity that she fucks, it’s probably pretty scary (if you’ve never been stalked, Sara’s performance is probably as close as you want to get – she’s very very convincing). When she shows up at his house to accuse him of cheating, he takes the only reasonable course and fucks her into submission – at least long enough to get to his phone and try calling 911 again.

P. Weasels

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