Creamy Teens: None of Them is Chunky


Creamy Teens Movie Details

Title: Creamy Teens
Studio: Burning Angel Entertainment
Director: Joanna Angel
Stars: Kristen Scott, Rina Ellis, Xander Corvus, Vanessa Sky, Mr. Pete, Sadie Pop, Leigh Raven, Tommy Pistol
Overall Rating:

4.5 stars

So there’s this new movie called Creamy Teens, and before I knew anything about Creamy Teens, I was kind of dreading it, because Creamy Teens is a pretty generic name, and I was figuring it would be just another whatever bullshit title from some whatever bullshit company, but the first thing that came up on the screen was the Burning Angel logo, and all of a sudden I perked up, some parts more than others, but all of me in general, because I was prepared to make and stretch to the very limits a joke about Creamy Teens as opposed to Chunky Teens, but now I get to watch a Burning Angel movie. Yeah!

This isn’t one of those great Vanessa Sky within about thirty seconds of her scene starting, and Mr. Pete, although he takes a little while to really get going, obliges. From her appearance, Vanessa isn’t immediately obviously a Burning Angel girl, her tattoos aren’t extensive, her piercings are minimal, her hair is just straight and black, but by the time she’s got her belt wrapped around her neck and she’s begging for more choking, you get the feeling Joanna knew what she was doing when she picked this one. After a lot of vigorous fucking, she begs for a creampie, and Pete engineers a good one.

Rina Ellis is lean and sleek, like most of Joanna’s discoveries, with long black hair and the look of a Czech starlet (although she was born in South Korea). Like Vanessa, she starts off quickly, and like Vanessa, she likes a belt on her neck and a cock deep in her throat. Xander Corvus gives her both, and she never stops panting as she changes positions and fucks like a demon while Xander mostly provides her a stable platform to gyrate on. In certain positions, one of her tits, the left one, looks like it’s considerably bigger than the other, which is both hot and fascinating. She too takes a creampie. Oh, wait, I just got what’s going on here. In my defense, none of the girls in this movie is a teen, either, there’s no reason I should have been taking the title seriously.

Xander’s on deck again, this time with Kristen Scott, who, although her name is the blandest of them all, is the punkiest girl yet. Xander is deep inside her pussy and her mouth with virtually no foreplay, fucking her hard and making her drool most appealingly. He sits on her face so she can lave his balls, fucks her till her thighs quiver spastically, and licks her to several shuddering orgasms. Her eyes roll back in her head and she begs for more till he pumps her full and leaves her panting and dripping.

Leigh Raven is the kind of Burning Angel girl I like best (not that there’s a kind I don’t like, mind you): covered in tattoos, hungry, sassy and dangerous-looking. She also has a sleek, venomous haircut, shaved on the sides and short on the top, that she’s covered up with a wig, at least until Tommy Pistol gets tired of being careful with it and pulls it off and throws it away. She’s got perfect little tits with pierced nipples, a credible patch of pubic hair, and she sounds like she’s angry or ravenous most of the time, even when she’s got a mouth full of cock. There’s a lot of slapping and spitting in each other’s faces in this one, so if that grosses you out, be on your guard. I think it’s kind of hot, even though I also kind of don’t want to. It’s weird being a grownup sometimes. The more she chokes on cock, the more she wants it deeper. She’s so hot that Tommy come in her pussy, then knocks out another one immediately in her face. She literally begs for it in her eyes, which, Jesus.

Sadie Pop has a sweet face and a cute smile, so she’s probably not related to Iggy Pop after all. She’s dressed to make you think of Jazzercise or something, even though she doesn’t do any Jazzercise; she doesn’t need to, her body is just short of being so thin as to be reminiscent of Iggy Pop. Her tits are nearly nonexistent, and you can see a lot of her bones, but she can really take a pounding. Xander Corvus isn’t the kind of guy to ease up on a girl just because she’s little, and he’s pretty much reduced to racing from one end of her to the other trying to be in every hole at once. It’s a manful but unsuccessful effort, and in the end he fills up her pussy and collapses in a sweaty heap.

Val Williams

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