‘Perfectly Natural 14’: Sublime


Perfectly Natural 14 Movie Details

Title: Perfectly Natural 14
Studio: Porn Pros
Stars: August Ames, Kylie Page, Keisha Grey, Bailey Brooks
Overall Rating:

4 stars

Porn is as full of women with huge fake tits as the real world is full of men who prefer to look at perfectly natural ones. It’s nice to see someone, Bailey Brooke is a nicely proportioned blonde with a trimmed little not-blonde bush, C-cup tits, and a deep thirst for cock. The Mook fucks her in missionary, doggy, cowgirl, and RCG, and drops a load on her face that the Miller’s Wife would have been proud of.

August Ames is tan in a way that no-one in first millennium England ever was. If Chaucer or Anselm ever described tits like hers in any of their writings, they would have been burned at the stake for witchcraft. She too starts off in the bathtub, cleanliness is next to Godliness, after all, but doesn’t have to leave it once she’s toweled off. The cock comes to her and anoints her with a bottle of oil that would certainly have made a slippery mess of the bed. It makes a slippery mess of August, too, but that just makes it easier for her guy to run his hands all over her. Do you like see-through clothes? I do, and the way the fabric turns transparent is like watching inhibitions disappear. August is tall, lean, and tan, with just the tiniest hint of the look you might call ‘horsefaced’ if you’re unkind and that you call ‘patrician’ if you’re not. I’m not, so patrician it is. If I could fall in love with something besides her tits, it would certainly be her nose. This is a nice, slow, patient scene until August gets a cock inside her, at which point she becomes a wild woman, moaning and crying out in every position until she gets a load across her cheeks.

I really can’t think of anything to say about medieval literature with respect to Keisha Grey, so I’m just going to report that she has a great set of natural 32DD boobs and is a girl for all seasons. I have seen her doing things that would boggle the mind of a classical scholar, but in this scene she is pretty restrained: one cock, no anal, and a sense of intimacy that makes it seem like maybe she knows this guy from before. For a while, Keisha was the new wild girl, but were she gets fucked in missionary, cowgirl, doggy, and RCG, with a traditional facial at the end.

Kylie Page`s scene, alone among the ones in this movie, has a little bit of a plot; let us call it ‘The Horny Teenager’s Tale.’ In wandering into her brother’s room, she sees a dildo on a table and ‘implausibly’ has no idea what it used for, but starts masturbating with it anyway, until he comes in and asks what she’s doing, which any idiot can see for himself. The question he should be asking is Why. Still, he rolls with the punches, you would too, given that where the other girls were lean and toned, Kylie is more soft and curvy in a way that makes it fair to say she is perfectly natural all over; she is also pale enough that her blonde hair is almost the same shade as her skin, which makes her a little ethereal. Ethereal creatures rarely end up with so much jizz on their faces, but then maybe this movie is more Dante than Chaucer.

Val Williams

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