Joanna Angel and Small Hands Fuck Young Whores On Vacation


Joanna Angel and Small Hands Fuck Young Whores On Vacation Movie Details

Title: Joanna Angel and Small Hands Fuck Young Whores On Vacation
Studio: Burning Angel Entertainment
Director: Joanna Angel
Stars: Joanna Angel, Janice Griffith, Small Hands, Alessa Savage, Charlotte Sartre
Overall Rating:

4.5 stars

I don’t really know if there’s much to say about Joanna Angel and Small Hands Fuck Young Whores on Vacation¬†except that in it, Joanna Angel and Small Hands fuck young whores while they’re on vacation. They appear to have rented out a beach house and also some whores, no judgment, their words, not mine, and take a vacation. I mean, I can’t blame them. If I had the money, I’d do the same. I think I could probably manage the beach house, but the quality of whores they’ve procured is a little above my pay grade.

There are women in this world, believe it or not, who wouldn’t take their husbands on vacation with a bunch of smoking hot twenty-somethings knowing there was going to be a lot of sexual activity. If you’re closing on forty, very slowly and very stealthily, but still, as Joanna is, there is probably in many women tendency to say “Hey, maybe let’s bang some MILFs, honey, instead of seeking out tender young flesh,” but Joanna is basically indistinguishable from any of the girls in this movie, Goddamn, in other words, she is so hot. Plus, of course, there’s her unshakable faith in her man’s fidelity. It’s hard to say whether she or Small Hands is luckier to have the other.

Joanna starts out the movie with a very dirty shower scene featuring Charlotte Sartre; the two of them moan and lick under a desultory shower until they’re as wet as can be in every way, then switch to a drier backyard venue where they just keep doing the same thing. There’s plenty of ass play and orgasms. Janice Griffith is next up for Joanna to fuck out in the yard overlooking the beach, and it looks kind of cold, at the very least, it’s a very windy day, but the two don’t seem to notice at all. They spend a lot of time fucking next to, but don’t ever utilize, a hammock; if you’ve ever tried fucking in a hammock, you’ll understand. Small Hands is there filming, but he doesn’t get in on the action.

That changes when Charlotte and Alessa Savage decode it’s time for some more penis-centric activity. Alessa eats Charlotte while Charlotte sucks Small Hands, he fucks both of them, pounds Charlotte’s ass, and unloads on Alessa’s tits and Charlotte’s face. Then he gets some private time on a beach with Janice, who hunkers down in blowjob mode before heading up to the lawn for some fucking and a facial. Charlotte and Janice make out on the deck, looking Gothy as fuck but still sunlit and bikini-clad, until Joanna and Small hands join them for a BGGG foursome by the pool that probably was worth the entire cost of the vacation. Everybody gets fucked, and Small hands blasts a comprehensive load on everyone’s face.

Val Williams

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