Backdoor Secrets: But They’re Right Out in the Open


Backdoor Secrets Movie Details

Title: Backdoor Secrets
Studio: Private
Director: Xavi Rocka
Stars: Kira Thorn, Henessy, Jenny Ferri, Gina Gerson, Selvaggia
Overall Rating:

3.5 stars

The title of this new Private movie is Backdoor Secrets, but there’s just nothing secret about any of it. You see dicks in asses in literally the first thirty seconds of screen time, so you know right off the top what’s going on. It’s anal, and lots of it, it’s Backdoor Secrets. There are five scenes of horny Eurosluts begging for dick in their lovely asses, making no secret of the fact that they need as much as they can get. There’s really not much more to this movie, so let’s just dive in, shall we? Just like the cock-wielders are doing.

Kira Torn, for instance, just messages a couple of guys, Richard and Richard, to tell them she needs TWO COCKS UP HER ASS (capitals hers), and to get over there as soon as they can. Apparently they’ve been waiting together for just such an event, because she immediately receives a reply promising to deliver two cocks in ten minutes. In the event, Kira doesn’t wait for them to get there ? she starts playing right away, and almost exactly ten minutes later, two cocks walk in the door to take over from where her dildo leaves off. The double blowjob is just an appetizer as the blonde slut moves from cock to cock, choking and loving it. Soon one stud is fucking her as the other pumps her mouth, warming her up for the main event. She squeals her way through the double penetration and on into the double anal, getting her ass smacked and taking a facial at the appropriate time as well as a load on the ass cheeks.

Selvaggia has evidently broken into Richard’s house, because when he shows up, he’s clearly surprised to see her. Maybe she’s his stepsister, or maybe she’s the maid, or maybe just a burglar who stopped to masturbate. It happens. Seriously, Google sleeping burglar and see what you get. Anyway, when Richard walks in the door, he is kind of taken aback to find a hot blonde masturbating on his sectional sofa, but maybe this is the kind of thing that happens all the time in whatever country Selvaggia is a common name in, because although he blinks in surprise, he also has his fingers in her pussy almost immediately and his tongue in her ass shortly thereafter. Anyway, that seems to be what Selvaggia was after, because she doesn’t complain at all as he slams her mouth and her ass over and over. She seems grateful, especially when he comes in her mouth. Refreshingly, it’s not really a facial.

Gina Gerson is a lean brunette who starts off her scene by licking her own kneecap, which is weirdly sexy, if a little tame, but things heat up quickly as she pumps her own asshole with a big pink dildo in preparation for the arrival of Richard, who seems happy to step in. Gina spends some quality time on his dick, sucking like it’s her job (oh wait, it is). “Would you like to fuck now?” he asks politely, and she replies “Yes, fuck my pussy first.” So genteel! When it is time for ass-fucking, though, Gina climbs aboard and takes her time, working his big dick inside her with care and then riding at her own pace. It’s quieter than the other scenes, and not dubbed in English, so the Russian you get is more natural. Gina’s hot and loves to look at the camera, and she looks good with cum on her face.

Henessy doesn’t call anybody, just sits out by the pool (I think it’s a pool) and starts masturbating by pulling her panties aside and working her clit. No toys for her! Well, not until Richard arrives and makes his big black cock available, at which point Henessy stops thinking about her pleasure and starts working on his, with her mouth and hands. She’s pretty good at it, and he’s reduced to helplessly moaning while she bobs her head. He lets her do most of the work, but takes over when she requires some penetration. He takes a while to get to her asshole, first fucking her pussy soundly as the trim brunette moans in anticipation. Once he does get in her backdoor, she likes it just as much, and keeps coming as long as he can keep fucking. Eventually, he pulls out to pop on her face, and everyone goes home happy. Well, everyone who likes facials, anyway.

Jenny Ferri gets a lot more time alone with herself than most of the other girls did, but maybe her friends just aren’t as attentive. Even so, Richard shows up ready to play, and the cute little brunette is happy to have a cock to play with instead of relying on her own fingers for any longer than she has to. Richard fingers her pussy to get her ready, but doesn’t bother with any foreplay of his own, he doesn’t need a cocksucking, just wants to get deep in there. He also goes straight from her pussy to her ass, remember, that’s okay; it’s the other way round you have to be careful about, and she doesn’t argue. She does get some oral in after he’s had his fill of her holes for a while, but he gets back to the backdoor before long, thrusting until he has to pull out and come on her gaping asshole.

Val Williams

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