Professional Anal Whores 2 : Nice Work if You Can Get It


Professional Anal Whores 2 Movie Details

Title: Professional Anal Whores 2
Studio: Burning Angel Entertainment
Director: Joanna Angel
Stars: Kat Dior, Donny Sins, Chloe Carter, Will Havoc, Rizzo Ford, Small Hands, Stacy Jay, Tommy Pistol, Zoey Monroe
Overall Rating:

4 stars

Professional Anal Whores don’t need an excuse, and they apparently don’t need a plot, either, so this is one of the efforts with no raison d’etre beyond pure fuckery and the satisfaction of Professional Anal Whores well boned. Five scenes, no fluff, GO:

Sexy little blonde Asian¬†Professional Anal Whore¬†Kat Dior wants something in her ass, so even though Tommy Pistol is just trying to practice the bass, she distracts him by inserting a plug in her hungry asshole like Professional Anal Whores do. The bass, it turns out, isn’t that interesting when compared to a horny professional analist on the bed next to you filling her own ass with a plug. That’s a job a man should be doing, and Tommy puts down the bass to help her do it. Kat rides his face, chokes on his cock, and giggles as Tommy puts his belt around his own neck; she nearly fists her own ass waiting for Tommy to put his cock in it, and when he does, holding her down, she comes like a rocket. After a sweaty 69, Tommy shoots his load in her face.

Professional Anal Whores Rizzo Ford, dressed ‘appealingly’ mostly in straps, like what Leeloo whatshername from The Fifth Element would have looked like had it been a porn movie, is ready for her first DP, and Will Havoc and Donny Sins are the two lucky boys who get to provide it. The Gothy brunette takes a lot of hard fingerfucking before Will gets his mouth down to her pussy, and while he’s doing that, Donny starts fucking her throat. The only time Rizzo isn’t squealing is when there’s a dick in her mouth, which is most of the time, but you can still hear her. The two guys really manhandle her, never giving her a moment’s rest, and keeping at least one of her holes filled at all times. Soon she’s begging for a cock in her ass, and they deliver, filling ass and pussy at the same time and nearly driving her crazy. As is traditional, she takes two loads in the face.

Chloe Carter, for some reason, is wearing the same kind of balaclava that members of ISIS wear when they’re beheading someone on camera, although this is much more fun to watch. Small Hands takes charge of her immediately, kissing her while he fingers her pussy. They go unusually slowly, and there’s a minimum of shrieking and moaning, at least at first. She sucks his cock with the mask on, but he takes it off after a few minutes. Chloe is a slim brunette with a lean, tight body, and she looks fairly tame at first, but she’s got some freaky going on in there. This is a relatively quiet scene that runs through the standard positions without being boring, although it does end with the traditional facial.

Zoey Monroe is a sexy blonde who kind of looks like she’s going for the Harley Quinn look, twin ponytail, mesh clothing, a choker, and a wicked gleam in her eye. Just like Harley Quinn, she looks like she could destroy a man, and she does her best on Will Havoc, who fights to keep up with her. She happily fingers her pussy, coming over and over while Will fucks her ass hard, and he holds her down, one hand on her throat, while he pounds her as hard as he can. She rides him, sucks his cock, and finally kneels for the facial.

Stacy Jay is a big, dissolute-looking Israeli brunette with sly eyes and, in contrast to most of the girls so far, big, full fake tits. Her tanned skin is covered with tats, and she definitely looks like a professional anal whore. Small Hands handles her hard, fucking her mouth and pressing her down on him before slamming into her pussy without much preliminary. She has huge cocksucking lips, but doesn’t get to use them that much, Small Hands is much more interested in fucking every other part of her, including her pussy, her ass, and those big tits. Every part of her that gets used gets used hard, and he finally unloads on her face as she lies back and begs for more.

Val Williams

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