Caught Being Naughty: Pretty Hot


Caught Being Naughty Movie Details

Title: Caught Being Naughty
Studio: Pretty Dirty
Director: Craven Moorehead
Stars: Tyler Nixon, Johnny Castle, Ryan Driller, Angela White, Jenna Sativa, Scarlet Red, Charlotte Cross, Cadence Lux
Overall Rating:

4.25 stars

Caught Being Naughty is just what it sounds like; Pretty Dirty has pretty quickly established a foothold in the creepy, unexpected and let us say furtive end of the market, bringing surprise, embarrassment and shame back to their proper places in the world of porn. I’m all in favor, mind you, of the new respectability of the adult industry, and I’ll do everything to help mainstream it that I can, but I do think a lot of its appeal still rests on the taboo. Porn, in other words, ought to be Angela White has a new job as housekeeper for a Pretty Rich couple, and her first day on the job is going great. The house is Tyler Nixon is making such a mess, but she’s even more upset that he gets to lie around and whack it while she has to work. “Don’t forget my clit!” she says a few minutes later, and he doesn’t. Angela’s fabulous natural tits are more enjoyable in her T-shirt when she’s bending over and cleaning, but they’re still nice when they’re out in the open. Tyler may not have a lot of experience with women, but Angela’s a good one to learn on, and he’s Pretty Lucky that he gets all the way to shooting on those big tits before his parents come home and catch them in the act, or just after it.

I always think Cadence Lux is going to be a Gothy punk with lots of tattoos and pink hair, but she never is. That is because she isn’t Chapel Waste, who I confuse her with for some reason, and no-one could be farther from Chapel Waste, who I really liked. I like Cadence Lux okay anyway, because she is a sprightly blonde who is Pretty Cute. She and her husband are on vacation in Vegas, and he’s Pretty Happy about the sexy outfits she’s opted to bring along. He’s Pretty Unhappy, though, about her competitive brother Johnny Castle showing up and seeing those outfits. He’d be even unhappier if he knew that while he was in the shower getting ready to take her to a Vegas show, Johnny and Cadence are fucking in the bedroom. If he looked out of the shower, he’d see them, but he’s Ryan Driller`s dad, a gangster who’s been Charlotte Cross isn’t Pretty Worried as well. She thinks everything’s going to be okay, but he’s not so sure. He’s Pretty Agitated when she stands out on their Vegas balcony wearing nothing but the skin God gave her (which seems like it would be Pretty Cold), but he gets even more jittery when Charlotte puts the moves on him in the hotel room. She’s a coldhearted, calculating bitch who has no loyalty to his dad, but she wants his cock, and Ryan’s not the kind of guy who knows how to turn down a cockhungry hottie. He forgets about his dad Pretty Quickly when she gets his pants off, and he gives her what she wants, which includes cock, cock, more cock, and a load in the face.

Scarlet Red is Pretty Happy when she comes home to a nice surprise, some sexy lingerie in the bedroom and a set of mysterious headphones. When she puts them on, though, all becomes clear, her lover has prepared a game for her. She gets directions through the headset to put on the lingerie, blindfold herself, and to perform for Jenna Sativa, who is secretly watching and delivering some Pretty Dirty talk. She masturbates to the sound of Jenna’s voice, coming loudly and often until Jenna comes into the room wearing a big hard strap-on. Scarlet follow her directions to present her pussy for fucking, and the strap-on comes into play. Jenna fucks Scarlet Pretty Hard until they both come.

Val Williams

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