Schoolgirls Like it Hard 3: That Means Cock, Not Their Courses


Schoolgirls Like it Hard 3 Movie Details

Title: Schoolgirls Like it Hard 3
Studio: New Sensations
Director: Paul Woodcrest
Stars: Kenzie Kai, Quinn Wilde, Madison Hart, Emma Hix
Overall Rating:

3.25 stars

It seems like everyone likes it hard these days, so it’s not surprising that even schoolgirls like it hard and are begging for it even harder. Housewives like it hard, stepmoms like it hard, secretaries like it hard, I don’t know if there’s anybody any more who doesn’t like it hard. Well, might as well give it to them. The guys in Schoolgirls Like It Hard 3 certainly do.

“Let’s see if you’re any better than the last tutor,” says little blonde Kenzie Kai when Logan Pierce shows up to try and help her get through college. She doesn’t say better at what, although maybe she’s just talking about tutoring. Anyway, you can see why she’d be having trouble, given that she can’t keep her mind on the most basic subject and she undresses at the drop of a hat. This schoolgirl likes it hard. That’s okay by Logan, who is happy to take advantage of her ADD by making her focus on his cock. She drools all over the floor while he fucks her mouth, and then spreads wide to take him in missionary, cowgirl, spoon, RCG and doggy, both of them desperately hoping her parents don’t come home to catch them. Logan bunches up her little plaid schoolgirl skirt to fuck her from behind and then pulls out to pop on her face. She doesn’t seem to learn much that she didn’t already know, but then she’s had a lot of tutors.

Lucas Frost knows cute blonde Emma Hix is nervous about her upcoming piano recital, so he stops by to try and soothe her nerves. He’s pretty sure he can do it with his dick, but he just succeeds in distracting her enough to go in the bedroom and start fucking. At least she’s not obsessing about the recital any more. She forgets all about the piano and starts playing the skin flute, sucking like a wild girl and then begging to ride him. This scene isn’t quite as rough as you might expect in a title called Schoolgirls Like It Hard, unless you count the energy she herself expends ravishing her boyfriend and the amount of throat fucking Lucas does on the way to applying a facial. There’s a little choking, but not enough to call it really rough.

Madison Hart wants to fuck Tyler Nixon hard, but he’s reluctant, surprisingly reluctant, considering how astonishingly insistent she is. To be fair, he’s worried about what will happen if her dad comes home, but she assures him that’s not a possibility. She wants it really rough, and Tyler deals it out as well as he’s capable, although she’s really the one pushing the pace, and he’s racing to keep up. Once he’s sure nobody’s home, he seems like he almost hopes someone is, he pulls her panties aside to go down on her and then lies still while she climbs all over him, her perky little tits bouncing and her pierced nipples jiggling appealingly. The horny, desperate blonde fucks him to several of her own orgasms before he pushes her down so he can jack off on her face.

Jessy Jones is a little worried that he and Quinn Wilde might have skipped out of school just for another blowjob, but she’s not going to tease him this time. Most of us would be satisfied with a blowjob from this dirty blonde with a fantastic set of DD tits, but Jessy’s a greedy bastard and insists on not just fucking but fucking in her parents? bedroom. Quinn goes along with it because she likes getting fucked by older guys, but she also likes sucking on his balls and having her mouth fucked. Seriously, I don’t see why he’s not content to let her suck him off. Just the sight of those boobs and that mouth ought to be enough for any college man, regardless of age. They do fuck, though, and she begs for and receives a load on her big sexy breasts.

Val Williams

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