The Submission Of Emma Marx: Evolved: 4 Emma 4 Furious!


The Submission Of Emma Marx: Evolved Movie Details

Title: The Submission Of Emma Marx: Evolved
Studio: New Sensations
Director: Jacky St James
Stars: Jay Smooth, John Strong, Damon Dice, Violet Starr, Penny Pax, Mick Blue, Van Wylde, Riley Reid
Overall Rating:

4.25 stars

Sweet Salacious Stories – The Submission of Emma Marx Continues

The Submission of Emma Marx just keeps going and going with the advent of The Submission of Emma Marx: Evolved. Just when you thought you were done, protagonists die, Emma reaches shattering conclusions, worlds are shaken, and unexpected new romances blossom from the ashes of old tragedies, and through it all, Emma and her submission go on and on, like a kinky Harry Potter. Yes, Penny Pax is back in her award-winning capacity as New Sensations’ most famous submissive, but this time there’s a twist!

Emma Marx Along With Co-stars Continue the Epic Saga.

When Mr. Frederick died, way back in The Submission of Emma Marx: Exposed, Emma (Penny Pax) found it difficult to get past her grief; she keeps trying to recreate the relationship with other men, but the truth is that what’s gone is gone, and she hasn’t learned yet that you have to take each day anew. Still, she’s having better luck than her sister Nadia (Riley Reid), whose divorce is more passionate than her marriage was. Nadia is having more orgasms from the hate sex she’s having with her ex-husband Ray (Van Wylde) than she ever did while they were together, and if the scene between them, in which she goads him into a vicious fuck in the house she’s insisting on keeping is anything to go by, she’s probably better off.

Emma Marx Gets to Show off a bit of her Wild Side

Since Nadia is getting the house even though she can’t afford it, she has to take in roommates. The quiet, subdued Emma, recovering from her tragedies, is one, but the other is the boisterous young Mariah, (Violet Starr) who she never sees but whose antics keep Emma company. Mariah’s late-night visitors, loud music and louder sex intrigue her, but it’s not till she gets surprised snooping in Mariah’s room that she really learns about her roommate’s darker side. Mariah wants to be gagged with Damon Dice`s fingers and his cock, fucked hard, choked, and handcuffed, and the mook is happy to oblige, but her depravity has him overmatched. The things she wants are more than he’s used to, and although he does his best, he’s still just a stunt cock. Where’s a girl going to find someone to treat her rough?

The Plot Thickens, as Emma Marx Goes Deeper

Emma, hiding under the bed, has some ideas. Things haven’t been working out for her as a submissive lately ? the urge to submit died with Mr. Frederick, but she’s just now realizing that submission doesn’t have to define her. The presence of a young, malleable, horny sub in the house opens up a new world for Emma, especially when she finds out that Mariah knew she was under the bed the whole time and kept fucking anyway. Now that they’ve met, the channels are open, and Emma isn’t afraid to show off her own kink. She opens up her chest of toys, even though she’s not sure she has it in her any more to use them.

What’s a girl to do when a young horny sub is in the house? Emma Marx shows us.

Mariah needs to learn, and she wants Emma to teach her, but Emma’s got her doubts. Mariah’s persuasive, though, and much to her surprise, Emma finds herself wanting to teach, and dominate. She takes Mariah to a dungeon and brings out all the toys, violet wands, suspension, nipple clamps, wax, and everything else she can think of. Emma’s grasp of both theory and practice leads to some wonderful sessions. Mariah performs tasks, asks questions, and obeys as she learns how to be the perfect sub. Their sexual adventures take up a good part of the movie, and we get to see several dungeon escapades as the two women continue on their journey toward self-realization. Emma deals with her duality and the possibilities of her new relationship, but she’s not a dominant and she can’t be what Mariah wants her to be.

It might be a good idea to take a if Emma Marx is teaching.

OR CAN SHE? Well, that’s really the question you have to wait until the end of the movie to learn the answer to. Aren’t you glad you came?

Ready to dive into the full Emma Marx Experience?

Val Williams

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