18th Birthday Party: Jailbait No More

18th Birthday Party Movie Details

Title: 18th Birthday Party
Studio: Private
Director: Paula Newman
Stars: Alexis Crystal, Anny Aurora, Lady Dee, Brittany Bardot, Belle Claire, Cayla Lyons
Overall Rating:

3.75 stars

Anny Aurora`s the youngest one in her college class, they grow up fast in Europe, and she’s so eager to get fucked that she’s already picked out the candidates for her deflowering. Andy and Oliver are the two lucky lads, and Anny’s just not sure which one of them is going to puncture her hymen. Her two girlfriends are just as excited as she is, but they have some fun of their own in mind ? her first present, presented when Lady Dee and Cayla Lyons find her in the bathroom she apparently sleeps in (don’t ask me, I’m from America), is a pink vibrator with a g-spot curve that they just know she’ll love. Since people under 18 don’t have sex, it is clear that they have been having a torrid relationship since yesterday afternoon when she came of age. They show her what it’s for in the bathroom/dormitory of the suddenly deserted school. i wish my friends had had the courage to seduce me in the bathroom at college when I turned 18. I was young for my class too.

After school, Belle Claire and Cayla go over to Anny’s house to visit and swim in the indoor pool, but when Anny gets called away to help her mom with bringing in the groceries and setting up the lawn furniture, the girls, left alone with a pair of horny boys, get their freak in a foursome that is visually stunning but a little risky if you ask me, given that Anny’s mom said the groceries and furniture would only take a few minutes. These are some sophisticated and fearless teens; I don’t think even at my boldest I would ever have tried to get involved in a DP with my mom in the next room. Well, not if she were awake, anyway. Still, Dee and Cayla figure it’s not their mom, and they suck cock, spread wide, and get their asses fucked right there at Anny’s house.

I’m going to be honest with you: Private isn’t always as diligent as they might be when it comes to letting you know who’s who and what’s going on. The next scene has a girl, Alexis Crystal, maybe, sunbathing on a lawn in front of a guy who appears to be a gardener,  he calls her miss, so he’s probably not a close friend, and when he asks her something in broken English, she asks if he’s hot and he says no, but his cock is. Then she starts sucking it. That’s how things go for rich Europeans. They make out, he goes down on her, and the next thing you know, they’re fucking. You think Europe is all prudish, but it’s a classless society. He doesn’t get to fuck her ass, though, that’s for the aristocracy. Oh, wait, it was a dream. Sneaky Private!

Anny’s mom Brittany Bardot is making a really, really nice cake for her daughter’s birthday, but her husband thinks they would have been just as well off to go out and buy one. Kitchens are so sexy, though ? once he sees her baking, he can’t keep his hands off her. Domestic women are a real draw, and he seduces her right there, almost on top of the cake. He buries his face in her ass and his fingers in her pussy, then licks for all he’s worth, and once she’s good and dripping with icing, he fucks her from behind, in front, above and below in both pussy and ass until he covers her mound with, well, I was going to say icing, but I used that already. Dang, should have planned ahead.

Anny’s party is a huge success, while Anny’s in the bedroom getting lucky with not one but two guys, riding one cock while she sucks another, a friend joins in with yet another guy, and before you know it, there’s a mini-orgy going on. I take back what I said earlier about being wary of the parents, clearly, Anny knows that her parents are the kind of people who don’t mind fucking on their daughter’s birthday cake, and that’s the kind of mom and dad that don’t mind a little five-way in the bedroom during a party. Just like mom, Anny takes cock in every hole and gets three sticky loads for her birthday!

Val Williams

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