Dad Crush: So Real It Hurts


Dad Crush Movie Details

Title: Dad Crush
Studio: Crave Media
Stars: Nickey Huntsman, Bonnie Grey, Lee Ann, Jeleana Marie
Overall Rating:

3.5 stars

Dad Crush is so low-budget and unprofessional that it looks like it might almost be real amateur video of slutty daughters finding ways to fuck their stepdads or horny unscrupulous dads blackmailing their stepdaughters. If it weren’t for the presence of actual verifiable porn professionals like Nickey Huntsman, you might be able to fool yourself into believing that the insincere protestations of innocence and disbelief in the face of patently inappropriate behavior are real. A real dad massaging his stepdaughter’s ass would probably be slightly less creepy than whoever is behind the camera, but creepiness is what we look for in our fauxcest porn, isn’t it? Mission accomplished, Jeleana Marie just can’t sleep, so she does what any normal daughter would do, calls dad into her bedroom and begs for an ass massage. The creepy bastard just can’t believe what he’s seeing, but how can he have missed what an outrageous slut she is? She says she’s never sucked cock or even had a finger inside her before, but she’s not being real honest with Daddy. No newbie sucks cock like that. Hopefully you can sleep now, he says after blowing a load in her mouth, but it’s not about the sleep. If it were, she wouldn’t show up the next day to masturbate in his shower and then come into his bed in lingerie so she can grab his dick, suck it some more, and then climb aboard. But she does. And then she lures him into the bedroom pretending to be her own mom and fucks him again.

Nickey Huntsman is one of porn’s cutest girls, and I really like watching her suck cock, even here. Daddy catches her masturbating when she should have been at school, and he’s fed up with her shenanigans. If she’s going to stay home and act like a slut instead of learning a respectable trade, then by golly he’s going to give her the training for her chosen career. She goes to her knees to suck Daddy’s dick, then spreads wide for Daddy to fuck her and come inside her pussy so the next dude who sneaks into the house can eat it up. You’d think that would be humiliating enough for a girl to reform her ways, but days later she gets caught stealing from his wallet and pays the same price, and then a couple of days after that when she gets caught lying about changing her ways it happens again. It brings to mind the joke about the bear and the hunter, you know? She’d clearly rather suck dick and get fucked than do a little work. I, for one, am glad.

When Daddy comes home to find Lee Ann tied up on the bed, she’s embarrassed, but not nearly as embarrassed as when he refuses to untie her and starts playing with her tits and fingering her pussy. No matter how many times she asks him to stop, he realizes he’s got a golden opportunity here. She’s a freak just like her mom, and she’s a lot readier to suck cock than she’s willing to admit. Once she gets a hand free, she uses it to stroke as well as suck, and she doesn’t object at all when Daddy starts fucking her; she is decently appalled when he comes in her pussy, but she doesn’t complain that much. Later, when she’s grounded because she had a boy over, she’s desperate to get ungrounded long enough to go to a show with her friends, desperate enough to suck cock again (although it doesn’t seem like it would take that much, as she is an eager fellatrix). And the next day, when Daddy’s still drunk from the night before, she puts on some special lingerie and climbs aboard for one more ride while Mom’s at church.

Bonnie Grey looks, as the kids are saying these days, ragged AF. She’s been out all night with some school friends drinking and carousing, and when she gets in at five in the morning and daddy catches her coming up the stairs, she is pretty convincing as a drunk slut who will do anything to keep mommy from finding out. Getting in her knees to suck some dad cock is right in line with her appearance, and when she tells him she and her girlfriends like to take naughty pictures, it puts him right over the edge. He should be grateful, but he’s bitchy when she needs money the next day, asking for her allowance. He gets a lapdance and another blowjob in the deal, but he’s still an ungrateful crank. When he notices that the laundry isn’t done after he paid her in advance for the chores, he decides this time he’s getting more than a blowjob, so he fucks her right there in mom’s bedroom, where he caught her using mom’s vibrator.

Val Williams

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