Undercover by Marc Dorcel Looks like a Killer Movie with Top Performers


Undercover by Marc Dorcel studios has the look of an elaborate film, in the tradition of Rocco Siffredi‘s ‘Hey, look how manly I am’ epics; it looks like Megan Rain, a Dorcel favorite, is someone’s right-hand woman, since she’s the one tasked with waiting for the boat to show up with its mysterious cargo while the boss, her husband Vasquez, plays with a couple of disposable henchsluts (Apolonia Lapiedra and Alexa Tomas), but when she gets in from receiving cargo, she’s not afraid to sass the guy who’s already in the middle of getting his cock sucked. Join in, he says, and she does so with gusto, encouraging the henchsluts to suck harder and then service her as well. Once Apolonia and Alexa have finished fluffing her man, she kicks them out and goes wild on the cock herself, fucking like a demon and taking a huge load on the belly.

There’s a heist! Dramatic music, clown costumes, guns and motorcycles, none of which has much to do with the next scene, in which Mina Sauvage, communicating with her imprisoned lover, puts on a show via Skype (or maybe Facetime), working her pussy and teasing her nipples. it has to be very frustrating for him, since he’s walking around the prison yard with a presumably forbidden cellphone and no doubt sporting a huge hardon that he is going to have to explain to the other inmates.

Two of the heist clowns are revealed to be Rose Valerie, a sexy, frizzy-haired redhead, and Cassie del Isla, a lean, trim brunette, and the other two are a pair of mooks who don’t matter at all. They do chide Rose for her reckless game-playing at the scene of the crime, and she offers to make up for it with a jubilant post-heist blowjob. Who can resist a celebration like that? Not Mook #1, that’s for sure, so he lets her take his cock in her mouth, aided and abetted by Cassie, who sits back to watch when they move from blowjob to fucking. She gets her chance to climb aboard too, and Mook #1 finally pops in Rose’s pretty face.

Mina’s with the gang in order to get her man out of prison, but there’s no such thing as a free lunch; Megan, who used to be a street hooker in ibiza, still deals in the cold, hard currency of hot, soft flesh, so she makes it clear to Mina that if she wants help with her troubles, she’s going to have to put out. Much to the delight of the driver who is taking them both to Paris, putting out consists of going down on Megan in the back of the car while he sneaks glances at them in the rear view mirror. Not that they’re trying to hide what they’re doing, at one point, Megan is riding Mina’s face like a rodeo bull. It’s a wonder he doesn’t crash.

Megan handles a trade, drugs for money, and talks tough with a gangster, but as soon as the henches are out of the way, her tone softens. What doesn’t soften is the gangster’s dick, which she accesses after a drive in a Porsche through scenic nighttime Paris. Megan is cheating on Vasquez, but she’s pretty sure she can get away with it; if she sucks her husband’s dick and lets him fuck her ass with anything like the enthusiasm she has for her gangster lover, her husband will probably let her do anything she wants.

Mina seems to be the plaything of anyone who gets his or her hands on her. As if it weren’t enough that Megan uses her face as a masturbation tool, now she’s in the hands of the police after whatever is the French equivalent of the DEA captures everyone but Megan, and the detective in charge of her case knows she wants her boyfriend out of jail ? he exacts his own price for his help, which amounts to the same thing Megan wanted, except with a cock in Mina’s mouth instead of a clit.

Megan and Vasquez visit Ania Kinski, where Megan learns some information about who might have betrayed the gang. The info takes a backseat, for the moment, to the fun to be had at Ania’s party, which is one part fancy dress ball and three parts high-end French sex orgy. Megan has some business to conduct with her gangster lover, but Ania is the hostess, and she can’t just walk away from the heaving, boiling mass of flesh in the pleasure lounge. She does a great job of getting fucked by guests, it would be nice if every party ended this way.

The Epic Finale of Undercover:

Climax! I won’t tell you how the gang war plays out, but you will be relieved to find out that all of Mina’s cocksucking, pussy-eating, and anxiety have not been in vain, she gets her man back, and we are treated to a reunion scene which starts off tender and turns very naughty indeed when Mina asks what he missed most while he was in prison. Of course, he lists all of her most delectable body parts, and there are many, and then shows her what he was thinking about doing with all of them while he was in the joint (Spoiler alert: In almost every case, it is putting his cock inside them).

Val Williams

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