My Killer Girlfriend: True Love Amongst the Corpses FTW


My Killer Girlfriend Movie Details

Title: My Killer Girlfriend
Studio: Burning Angel Entertainment
Director: Joanna Angel
Stars: Arya Fae, Carmen Caliente, Joanna Angel, Katrina Jade, Nikki Hearts, Ramon Nomar, Small Hands
Overall Rating:

4.25 stars

My Killer Girlfriend: True Love Amongst the Corpses

Once a year or so we get a feature effort from Joanna and the gang at Carmen Caliente shows up, Joanna is charmingly na├»ve when it comes to kissing protocols, but she’s a natural at jumping into a pussy. She and Carmen, after a moment of awkward maneuvering, find out that they’re pretty compatible in real life as well as whatever they’ve been getting up to on the internet. And can I just take a minute to talk about Joanna Angel’s body? No, wait, a picture is worth a thousand words. Seneca, put a picture of Joanna Angel’s body right here.

Thanks. Maybe another one.

Super. After the first flush of amazing sex, Joanna finds out that Carmen is a little prickly, and maybe not quite as into the relationship as Joanna is (she’s not really into the idea of meeting Joanna’s friends, but unfortunately, they’re all on their way over already). We also find out that Joanna might be a little bit of an obsessive loon. Something’s not right with Carmen, though, and when some friends of Joanna’s show up, she greets them with, let us say, reserve. Arya Fae and Ramon Nomar come on in the house, but even they sense something off about her. Arya thinks maybe she was checking out Ramon, and she doesn’t like that one little bit, but he points out that Carmen’s a lesbian and she wouldn’t care about his big cock anyway. Arya cares about it, though, and she gets down on her knees right there in the kitchen to show who owns it. Cock sucking turns into fucking, and they do things on Joanna’s counters that really shouldn’t be done in the kitchen. Oh, and then Carmen comes in and kills them with a knife, as the title My Killer Girlfriend suggests. The next part is kind of gross.

When Will Havoc and Nikki Hearts show up, they have a lot of questions for Carmen, whose answers are, shall we say, imprecise. It’s awkward and Nikki and Will go outside for a smoke, where Nikki gets so upset about Joanna suddenly deciding she’s a lesbian that she announces she’s straight, and starts sucking on Will’s cock to prove it. He’s surprised but he’s not going to turn down a blowjob from a gold star dyke, and he ends up trying to prove he’s as good at eating pussy as she is. She seems to enjoy taking her first cock more than you’d think she would, right up until she takes a load of cum on the belly. Oh, and then Carmen comes in and kills them with a knife.

Small Hands and Katrina Jade are the last to arrive, and everybody wonders where the rest of the gang have gotten to, it’s a much quieter night then most of them thought it was going to be. They decide to play a drinking game. Joanna doesn’t have any booze. so they play with filtered water, and as most drinking games do, it devolves into licentiousness, and some discussion of the minimum numbers for an orgy leads to the answer of four, and what a coincidence, there are four people right there! (If Carmen hadn’t knocked off four people that afternoon, they’d have made the professional threshold of eight, but you can’t have everything.) Three girls and one guy is the rock bottom count for an orgy, but they go for it, and for a while there’s nothing but crazy tattoo sex and steaming bodies until Small Hands unloads on three faces. Oh, and then Carmen kills everyone but Joanna with a knife. Then we find out what true love really is.

Val Williams

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