40 Years Old My Wife with No Panties: A Panty Shortage In France


40 Years Old My Wife with No Panties Movie Details

Title: 40 Years Old My Wife with No Panties
Studio: Marc Dorcel
Director: Liselle Bailey
Stars: Rose Valerie, Amber Jayne, Mariska X, Loren Minard
Overall Rating:

3.75 stars

40 Years Old My Wife with No Panties:

40 Years Old My Wife with No Panties┬áis the latest in Mariska X, I believe, is clearly wearing panties. She’s sitting outside in what must be kind of cold weather, making sure people can see that she’s wearing panties by spreading her legs and showing them off. Once she’s hooked a guy, she gets up and walks back to her hotel, making sure he’s following her. She does take off her panties on the way and leaves them hanging on a handrail, so that by the time she arrives at her room, she’s not wearing panties any more. When she arrives in her bedroom, her stalker is there, lying on the floor, in a perfect position to look up her skirt. Mariska isn’t surprised, and she rewards him for his ingenuity and diligence with a rousing fuck on the floor; he shoots his load on her spread pussy lips. Her adventures with Rico involve lots of him telling her not to wear panties, then wear some, and then take them off. Rico knows what he likes.

Scene 2

Mariska’s neighbor Rose Valerie is a frisky MILF as well, and while she and Mariska bask in what we must assume is the sun on the Riviera, she tells her new friend about a girl she knew back in London. Loren Minardi, a lanky, slim brunette with a wanton smile, used to work in the bar at a strip club, where she delighted in giving up for free what the strippers only teased about. Picking up random guys in the bar, she puts on a show for the pool players until she’s getting fucked on one of the tables by two guys who sink their balls in every pocket she has. Yes, that means she takes it in the ass. The lucky Pierres DP her and pop their loads on her face.

Scene 3

Inspired by the story, Rose and Mariska go out to lunch, teasing the locals along the way. The two unpantied MILFs lure a gawker into the woods, where they show off their asses and pussies to good effect; he kneels to offer some pussy worship, and the two women make out as he alternates between blonde and brunette. They return the favor by kneeling to suck his cock, and eventually they get him so wet that he slides right into Rose’s dripping cunt. Mariska offers up hers as well, and the woods ring with the echoes of their fucking, until he pops on their faces.

Scene 4

Mariska and Rico are looking to buy a new house, and the people who own it are happy to show them around. They’re also happy to find out that the eager couple loves to show off, and Mariska teases the guy so hard that he starts playing with her ass. Rico, of course, loves the way that looks, so he stands by watching as it goes farther and farther, until he and the wife are watching as Mariska fucks her husband by the stairs when they can’t hold back. Watching a cock plunging into Mariska’s pussy is a big turn-on for the property manager as well, and he joins them in their exhibitionist episode. As he and the husband fuck Mariska from both ends, Rico and the wife continue to watch until the two men shoot their loads on Mariska’s perfect tits. So far, 40 Ans, Ma Femme N’a pas de Culotte, delivers what it has promised.

Scene 5

Mariska loves the freedom Rico is giving her to show off and play with other men, but she wants to show him just how much she appreciates it, so she prepares a nice surprise for him when he comes home from work. She’s enlisted her new friends Rose and Amber Jayne, both without panties, as per Rico’s preferences, to give him an opportunity to do something besides sit and watch. It’s a four-hole night for Rico as he gets both girls to take him in their mouths and pussies, and you know Mariska is going to want some action later on. She got herself pretty wet watching while her husband fucked two hot blondes.

Val Williams

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