Spring Break Fuck Parties 10: An Orgy for All Seasons


Spring Break Fuck Parties Volume TenĀ  Movie Details

Title: Spring Break Fuck Parties Volume Ten
Studio: Team Skeet
Stars: Brittany Shae, Cadence Lux, Kacey Quinn, Karly Baker, Kirsten Lee, Layla London, Lexxxus Adams, Roxy-Nicole, Shyla Ryder, Stevie Foxx
Overall Rating:

4 stars

Spring break movies usually involve a lot more sun and beach and drinking and irresponsible behavior (well, maybe not more irresponsible behavior, the girls in these scenes are pretty reckless) than does Spring Break Fuck Parties Volume Ten; Maya, Kirsten, Lexxxus and the rest of the horny teens in this movie don’t really seem to be on any kind of spring break at all. Who works on the farm on spring break? And camping is a summer thing, and a babysitters’ club meeting is just more work. So I don’t know how springy this is, but I’m willing to let the question of seasons slide because each scene features a bunch of hot, horny naked girls doing all kinds of licentious things to one guy, and really, that’s okay by me at any time of year.

Maya Moon, Kirsten Lee, Stevie Foxx, and Lexxxus Adams are off on a camping trip, finally, and enjoying girl time, but the woods are a little scary. It’s just the four of them out there, all alone, and it’s getting darker. They dare each other to strip down a little at a time, twerk, wrestle, and show off their bodies, but the real fun comes when a lost camper shows up looking for water after two days alone in the woods. He says he hasn’t been watching them and that all he wants is some food, but these girls aren’t about to let a cock go by unfucked. Even the lesbian in the group is interested in a little action while she’s away from her partner. All of a sudden, the prospect of a girls weekend is kind of dry, but having a man around makes it a lot wetter, and the four of them get his cock out and everybody gets fucked.

Roxy Nicole, Karly Baker, Kirsten Lee, and Layla London are some kind of babysitters’ club, and we are intruding on the official meeting in somebody’s dad’s living room. The proceedings of the meeting are a good way to get us all hot over how these babysitters are going to switch over from boring details to getting fucked en masse. It turns out one of the clients is right there to talk about how Roxy has been doing a terrible job, showing up late, not cleaning up after the kids, and not giving him blowjobs like the ones she’s giving Mr. Johnson down the road. The girls all decide to chip in on the blowjobs to make it up to him, and that evolves into a lot of babysitter fucking, and even though Roxy’s the only one who wasn’t doing her job, all the girls get fucked ? except for Kirsten, who faithfully records the whole thing! Mr. Dean gets a lot of action, and now he’s a potential blackmail victim, everybody’s happy!

Cadence Lux, Kacey Quinn, and Brittany Shae are making themselves useful around the farm, chasing calves, cleaning up, and looking hot in shorts and flannel shirts while someone with a camera appears to be stalking them, filming from places of concealment and focusing creepily but accurately on asses and exposed skin. When he’s discovered, the girls dish out the traditional punishment in Pornland, they call him a perv, tie him loosely to a post and tell him they’re going to treat him harshly before taking his clothes off, sucking his cock, and using his camera to record the ensuing fuckfest, proving that no attempted sex crime goes unpunished by sex with hot girls. Instead of jail he gets to fuck three sexy cowgirls, so, lesson learned.

Crissy Kay has invited her best friends Liza Rowe and Shyla Ryder over for a fun slumber party, and she wants to make sure her dumb brother isn’t going to be dumb and do dumb boy stuff while they’re having a fun girl party. He says he doesn’t care about her dumb friends and they better not bug him while he’s trying to watch the game, and he doesn’t care if they’ve got new onesies because they’re dumb anyway. They’re going to paint their nails and do their hair and stuff, so he’s not invited. Later, though, after the fun girl stuff is over, Richie sneaks in for a blowjob from Liza while the other two girls are asleep. He may be dumb, but he knows a willing mouth when he sees one, and a willing pussy too. He manages to finish up fucking Liza and then do the same with Shyla, all without waking his sister, who is going to be very surprised to see the footage on the camera she left running when she went to sleep.

Val Williams

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