Naughty Little Sister: It’s Not All Her Fault


Naughty Little Sister Movie Details

Title: Naughty Little Sister
Studio: Digital Sin
Director: Paul Woodcrest
Stars: Bella Rose, Khloe Kapri, Kimber Woods, Logan Pierce, Tyler Nixon, Lucas Frost, Damon Dice, Ariana Cox
Overall Rating:

3.5 stars

Naughty Little Sister isn’t just about naughty little sisters. Let’s be honest, there are some pretty naughty big brothers in here too. As is often the case with this kind of movie no one member of the relationship, brother or sister, is solely responsible for the shenanigans. Sometimes it’s a frisky brother with hardon that cannot be appeased by a hot shower and a handful of soap, and sometimes it’s a little sister with a wet pussy and hungry hole that needs filling. After all, they’ve been living together for (whatever number of years serves best to breed familiarity but not yet contempt) and you know how teens are. They can’t be contained.

Logan Pierce is all uptight about his cute blonde sister Khloe Kapri going out of the house in that outfit. I pity the girl he ends up dating, because he’s controlling, jealous, condescending, pushy and frankly kind of bitchy. On the other hand, Khloe seems to kind of go for that, so when Logan gets pissy about her date, she juices up and starts making out with him. After all, he’s only her stepbrother, right. Once he gets her shirt off, we find out she’s got pierced nipples (which I’m kind of surprised to find out he doesn’t know, since he’s clearly been spying on her in the shower for years), which argues pretty heavily for her having the right to wear any goddamn clothes she wants. Girls with pierced nipples are not inexperienced girls, and Khloe, judging from that and from her antics in bed, has been around the block a few times. “I love tasting myself on a cock,” she says, and I think we can all agree that that is a pretty solid clue about what kind of girl she is. She can make her own clothing decisions, Logan.

Kimber Woods and Damon Dice have gotten so far as making out in the kitchen, and she clearly wants his dick, but she keeps saying we can’t, we can’t and walking away. She lets him go down on her and finger her pussy in the living room but flees when she ‘hears a noise’, she is what we call a cocktease while still acknowledging that nobody ever owes anybody any sex, but when she takes his cock out of his pants and sucks it in the bathroom, actually getting his dick in her mouth is the last straw for her. Once she’s over that hump, she doesn’t mind having his tongue in her ass, his cock in her pussy, and his jizz splattered all over her face.

Bella Rose and Lucas Frost hooked up ‘just the once’ at their parents’ wedding, but they had two different reactions to it. He enjoyed it at the time but now they’re related, and on the basis of this flimsy rationale he is able to say they shouldn’t do it again; she, however, wants more, and she’s willing to take all her clothes off and seduce him to get fucked one more time by her stepbrother before he leaves for his new internship (my guess is he’s going to be at a right-wing think tank specializing in faulty logic). He is seduced by her perky little tits and a pair of cocksucking lips that are probably exactly what got him into trouble at the wedding in the first place. Once her shirt is off, he’s a lot less reluctant to get stuck in. You would be too.

Tyler Nixon is just trying to fix his bike, but he’s having trouble finding the right tool. Ariana Cox knows what tool she wants, but it’s not in the toolbox. She’s not getting what she wants, though, and she relies on her fingers while she leans against the wall in the hallway; her imagination runs wild, and all of a sudden she’s imagining climbing on top of him, steamrolling over his objections about them being related, however loosely, and getting his tool into a position where she can suck on it. His objections, unlike his erection, don’t last long, and he fucks her exactly the way she wanted him to. She takes a facial, and it’s just what she’s been dreaming of. Maybe someday she’ll build up the courage to fuck him for reals, yo. We can only hope.

Val Williams

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