The Interrogation: Asking the Hard Questions


The Interrogation Movie Details

Title: The Interrogation
Studio: Pretty Dirty
Director: Bree Mills, Craven Moorehead
Stars: Alison Rey, Edyn Blair, Lilly Ford, Charles Dera, Johnny Castle, Michael Vegas, Tommy Gunn, Summer Day
Overall Rating:

3.75 stars

The Interrogation is the logical extension of the idea that fucking is an appropriate and effective punishment for any crime, be it cheating, laziness, prostitution, or even general licentiousness. I can’t decide if it would be a much better world or a much worse one if the standard punishment in real life were a good solid fucking. I mean, on the one hand, there would be a lot more crime; I personally would be out on the streets stealing things I didn’t need just about every day, but then also, prisons would be less crowded and violent if the police were allowed to deal out sex as on-the-spot penalties. I don’t even know what the court system would look like.

Michael Vegas can’t keep his dick in his pants, and when he arranges a date with a mysterious girl from a chatroom, he finds that cheating isn’t the most rewarding course of action. Or is it’ Edyn Blair knocks him out and ties him up, which brings his best acting to the surface, he’s getting really good at being a pathetic, abject whiner. He wakes up in a situation that would do credit to a James Bond villain (and did, in Casino Royale). Tied to a chair, naked and bruised, he can expect nothing better than a severe beating, but the vengeful dominatrix who is there to teach him the dangers of fucking random women from the internet punishes him by riding his face, sucking his cock, fucking him, licking his asshole, and then taking a facial. Justice is served!

Tommy Gunn is here to kick ass and take names, and he’s all out of names. Wait, no. He’s here to make sure spoiled teen Alison Rey sticks to the fitness regimen that keeps her body so fuckable, but she’s the kind of girl who doesn’t really like to exercise, or work, or do anything at all, really. Tommy’s not the kind of guy who lets people slack, though, especially really fuckable spoiled girls. When she pushes him one step too far by climbing on his lap and daring him to spank her, he takes the bait, and her disobedience and disrespect is nothing to the fact that she keeps telling him to spank her harder. What’s an ex-military personal trainer with a huge cock to do? Well, her punishment is severe, even though it’s exactly what she wants. Justice is served!

Teen hooker Lily Ford isn’t shy about plying her trade on the streets, which means she’s easy meat for a police sting; Johnny Castle is the officer in charge, and when she offers one of his men a full-service date, he snaps her up and closes the jaws of the trap. She doesn’t want to go downtown and suffer the full ministrations of the justice system, so when she’s offered the easy way or the hard way, she opts to suck some cock to get out of the jam. It turns out the easy way involves some hard stuff too, and Johnny isn’t inclined to be merciful as he teaches her that the wages of sin are, well, more sin. Shut up and spread ’em is her sentence, or at least it’s the sentence she gets from Officer Castle. “This pussy’s yours, Officer,” she says, and her first night as a hooker ends with some choking, some fucking, and a facial. Justice is served!

Sexy, lithe blonde Summer Day thinks she’s home alone, which means it’s safe for her start up a webcam session, which is how she’s making all the money that she’s buying her new stuff with. It’s not safe, though, her creepy stepdad Charles Dera, who is sporting a moustache that is so porny that he seems to be channeling the ghost of Harry Reems, catches her and makes her give her webcam clients what they really want, a hardcore show in which the dirty little teen gets her mouth fucked hard and asks her stepdad to give the audience the impromptu show of a lifetime. She begs her audience to jerk their cocks for her and come when he shoots on her face. Justice is served!

Val Williams

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