Babysitter Auditions: It’s Hard to Get Good Help


Babysitter Auditions Movie Details

Title: Babysitter Auditions
Studio: Burning Angel Entertainment
Director: Joanna Angel
Stars: Gina Valentina, Giselle Palmer, Haley Reed, Joanna Angel, Mia Malkova, Small Hands
Overall Rating:

4 stars

You don’t want to leave your kids in the hands of just anyone. Who knows what kind of loon might wander in off the street and do unspeakable things to your little darling? You have to vet the people who might come in contact with your precious baby very carefully, it only makes sense to hold a series of Babysitter Auditions to make sure you’re getting the right person. Otherwise, you might end up with someone like Small Hands or Joanna Angel, a couple of raging perverts who are looking for the dirtiest babysitter they can possibly find. These licentious con artists might not even really have any kids.

Mia Malkova is earnest, cute and fresh-faced, and she seems like she might not be the exact right person for the job, until she demonstrates how she would give a bath to a dirty kid. Small Hands is a really, really dirty kid, and Joanna Angel herself is pretty filthy too, so they’re ideal subjects to get cleaned up. This threesome develops fast, with Mia stripping down and the couple climbing aboard as quick as they can. The girls trade off on Small Hands’ big dick, and he fucks Mia from behind while her face is buried in Joanna’s pussy. Small Hands fucks Joanna while Mia rides her face.

Small Hands and Joanna seem chastened by their adventure with Mia, they’re a lot quieter and their questions are a little less odd. For a minute. But not for long. Things go off the rails quickly, until Joanna figures out a way to get Gina Valentina‘s clothes off. She strips down just as quickly as Mia did, and when she’s naked, they give her a dildo. We’re completely off the subject of babysitting now, but Gina rolls with the punches, sucking cock and eating pussy like a good babysitter should. As with Mia, they share everything like best girlfriends; Gina takes Small Hands? cock in her ass, Joanna does ATM, and they share a sloppy and explosive facial.

Giselle Palmer isn’t sure exactly what’s going on in her interview, but she deserves to be a little confused, considering that she dressed as a stripper to audition as a babysitter. She’s never head of a clothing allergy, so when they tell her their kid has a sensitivity to basically every kind of apparel and she really should take all her clothes off, she’s taken aback. She’s also spread apart, penetrated, licked, choked, slobbered on, and covered with cum. And then she gets licked again, and Joanna snowballs the mouthful of jizz she gets from the licking.

When Haley Reed shows up for her interview at 1 in the morning, it’s Joanna and Small Hands’ turn to be surprised. For one thing, she’s very tall, and they think of themselves as a small household. They make her bend over again and again to prove that she can reach down to pick up a baby, and also to look at her perfect ass. Haley doesn’t object to the scrutiny, or to the groping when they decide she’s hired and tell her the traditional way of celebrating a new job is to fuck the babysitter. She spreads her legs wide so they can both go down on her, eats Joanna’s wet pussy, helps suck Small Hands’ cock, gets fucked hard, and shares a facial with Joanna. It’s a good first day at work.

Val Williams

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