Tales from Gapeland: Open Borders


Tales from Gapeland Movie Details

Title: Tales from Gapeland
Studio: 21 Sextury Video (Pulse)
Stars: Sabrina Marie, Tequila Girl, Lola Shine, Bella Moore, Vincent Vega, Katrin Tequila, Yuriy Sergeev, Andrew Marshall
Overall Rating:

3.5 stars

I’m not sure where Gapeland is, although I suspect, from the cast of Tales from Gapeland, that it is somewhere in the lands of the former Warsaw Pact, but I bet it has an open-door immigration policy. Gapeland also has negative population growth, because the residents, almost universally, prefer anal sex to the kind that gives you babies. Their main import is lube, their chief export is porn stars, and their Gross Domestic Product is really, really gross.


Yura is aroused by Sabrina Marie, as you would be, so when she brings out a very VERY big toy and proceeds to get as much of it in her ass as possible, he lets her do the work of getting herself ready and then uses her pussy and ass. She’s got tiny, firm little tits, a cute face, and a welcoming asshole which only has so much time for gaping; a lot of the time it has a dick in it, and so the gaping is limited but still frequent enough that anyone who really wants a good look at the inner reaches of Sabrina Marie’s rectum isn’t going to feel cheated.


Tequila Girl is a slinky blonde in a sequined dress that looks way classier than the scene deserves. She could be going to a fancy ball, instead of about to have a couple of unfancy ones bouncing around on her clit. Her sexy black lingerie only adds to the effect, but the dress comes off pretty soon as her date arrives and decides he’s more interested in her asshole than in her clothes. He goes for the pussy first, but it’s not long before they make a mutual decision as to where his cock should be.

Blonde Lola Shine has a sexy red thing that’s like a cross between a leotard and a dress, but not for long, her guy gets rid of it pretty much right away when he comes in and finds her preening in it. He’s not really interested in anything but getting his fingers inside her as soon as he can, and she opens tight up, you’d almost think she was expecting it. She’s a high-pitched moaner, and her guy treats her roughly, but not more than she likes.

Naughty blonde Bella Moore might live in the same house as Sabrina Marie, because she has the same big-ass toy, or big ass toy, although both are true, that Sabrina used to get herself ready for Yura’s cock in the first scene. The guy here is named Vincent Vega (although I wouldn’t put it past him to have just painted his nose cone a different color and come back to fool the garrison), and he quickly replaces the toy, which she can only take about two inches of, with his cock. She gets a lot more of it into all her holes, and takes a load on the face at the end.

Val Williams

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