Meet Mandingo Vol 3: You Know What You’re In For


Meet Mandingo Vol 3 Movie Details

Title: Meet Mandingo Vol 3
Studio: HardX
Director: Mason Storm
Stars: Alexa Grace, Alexis Fawx, Ashley Adams, Luna Star, Mandingo
Overall Rating:

4 stars

I think even if you’re not in or aware of porn, the words Meet Mandingo probably evoke a certain nameless dread in the average person, but if you have seen even the slightest bit of his work, there is some heavy anticipation. You know it’s not going to be ‘Meet Mandingo, and you two have a nice lunch.’ Well, maybe there’s lunch too, but you know it’s going to be a much more active afternoon. You’re going to burn off a lot of the lunch calories. Alexis Fawx and Ashley Adams get to tell us what the words meant to them, but whatever Alexa Grace and Luna Star thought is lost to history.

For some reason, I usually think of Alexis Fawx as fake and plastic, she’s a blonde with big fake tits and she spells her name F-A-W-X, which is so porn it hurts; it’s probably unfair to stereotype her, so I’m glad to see the interview segment with her just before she gets plowed by Mandingo, because she seems really real and giggly and excited rather than having a sheen of Porn Valley ennui. There’s plenty of time for the Porn Valley stuff later, during the fucking, when she’s as porn starletty as ever, but at least you know she’s breathless with arousal. Well, with arousal and orgasms, which she has a number of while Mandingo is fucking her in every position he can get her into, Doggy, RCG, cowgirl, and spoon, and a lot of cock sucking. Alexis likes sucking cock, and Mandingo appreciates her enthusiasm. In the end, he appreciates all over her face.

Ashley Adams is even more excited about meeting Mandingo than Alexis was, probably because she’s going to have him in her ass soon. It’s her first interracial anal, and she’s still capable of getting excited about things like that. Ashley is a cute brunette with round, bouncy DD tits, and she’s all over Mandingo as soon as she gets near him, tearing his pants off to get to that monster meat. Like Alexis, she can’t get that much of it in her mouth, but she tries, and she slobbers on the whole thing, making it really easy for him to slide into her when he’s ready. Her pussy and ass are both ready to take every bit of his girth, if not length. Unhygienically, he switches back and forth between holes, but she doesn’t complain. She likes the load he shoots into her open mouth.

Alexa Grace doesn’t do an interview segment, just a nice tease as she struts through the house in slinky black lingerie that reminds me a little of Taarna’s battle skimpies from Heavy Metal. Come to think of it, Alexa herself is a little Taarna-ish, blonde, slinky, not as busty as the rest of the girls in the movie, and handy with a sword. I don’t know why she doesn’t get to talk, maybe she showed up late, or didn’t have the vocabulary to describe her feelings on what was about to happen to her, but she goes straight to the Mandingo. She starts off less frantic than her compatriots so far, but gets sweaty and desperate quick, morning appreciatively as she sucks on the first two inches of his big dick. She is not so adventurous as to take him in the ass, but she gets a load on the tongue just like everybody else.

Luna Star, who has a spectacular ass, also doesn’t get any talking time. I don’t care, though. She does this awesome thing with an already skimpy bikini that would make you have to hide in the sand if you saw it on the beach. You’d be like one of those cartoon characters that goes crazy when Bugs Bunny shows up in a slinky dress, except it wouldn’t be your eyes popping out. Anyway, she’s good enough at sucking cock that she makes Mandingo say the only thing he ever says, which is “Aw, FUCK!” and “Yeah!” I’d probably say that too. She really works her hips when he’s fucking her, both in the pussy and when she’s getting anal. She too is a brave girl, and she gets a load in the face as a reward.

Val Williams

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