Jules Jordan’s Dredd 2: More Dredd Than You Can Shake a Dick At


Dredd 2 Movie Details

Title: Dredd 2
Studio: Jules Jordan Video
Director: Jules Jordan
Stars: Abigail Mac, Jillian Janson, Kelsi Monroe, Dredd
Overall Rating:

3.75 stars

The world of porn, the kind of porn with men in it, anyway, is filled with, and to a certain extent driven by, really big dicks. There are a lot of guys with pretty reasonable sized cocks who make up the bulk of the male porn star field and do their jobs well, but there are also the gods of the business, your Mandingos and Chris Charmings, your Ben Englishes and Shane Diesels, who just lumber into view and make the rest of the guys (and the women) cringe in embarrassment (and fear). To that number add Dredd (first name unknown), Jules Jordan‘s new monster of the week, as featured in Dredd 2, the second of its name.

What a coincidence! Dredd is walking around South Beach, and he just happens to run into Kelsi Monroe, who is doing what hot girls do and showing off her ass, which is curvy, and her tits, which are not. After a fair amount of posing outdoors, Kelsi confesses to being hungry for big cock, and Dredd mentions that he has one, and we’re off to the races. Once in the car on the way to wherever the fucking is going to take place, Kelsi gets dirty, but when they arrive, when gets on her knees right away, rubbing Dredd’s cock through his shorts and then hauling it out to get to work. Of course, she can’t get any appreciable portion of it in her mouth, but the two of them get each other wet enough with their mouths that Dredd slides right in when she climbs on his lap. She bounces up and down on him, bends over for some doggy style, and takes a monster load on the tongue.

Abigail Mac doesn’t make nearly as public an entrance as Kelsi did, but hers is just as good. She struts and poses in a backyard garden, sexy and softcore, until Dredd shows up and pokes her in the back with his giant dong, at which point she shifts out of softcore mode and announces that she’s ready to have him ruin her pussy for everyone else. She continues to mention how much she wants him to absolutely destroy her cunt, but he doesn’t need any encouragement. Like Kelsi, she is in no danger of getting his whole cock in her mouth, but that’s not where she wants it. It’s hard to tell whether he actually ruins her or even causes any damage, but he works hard enough that if it’s possible, he probably does. She does mention at one point that she can feel him in her heart, but he comes in her mouth. From the outside, though.

Charity Crawford is 18 years old and 5’10” tall, and she’s super sexy. She can’t have been in porn very long, which means that her appearance here almost certainly involves the biggest cock she’s ever had in porn, which is probably the biggest cock she’s ever had. Jules and Dredd go through an excruciatingly long and pointless charade of pretending she’s been called in for some kind of light cheesecake photoshoot. Of course she hasn’t, and we wait through an eternity of inane chatter before she finally buckles down to fucking Dredd, which she is ready and willing to do. “Yeah, I’ll ride it,” she says, with no trace of hesitation. This may be her biggest cock, but it’s not her first, and she throws her ass into it like a seasoned pro before getting a load on the face.

Jillian Janson has her phone in the bathtub with her, and she’s taking selfies of what she looks like when she’s standing in ankle deep water but still not out of her lingerie. She moves outside for a sexy spell of masturbation and tease before Dredd appears on the scene with his cock already hanging out, he doesn’t bother to let her take it out for him. She’s okay with that; it seems like the sooner she gets fucked by a huge dong, the better, and Dredd obliges her right away, taking her from behind on a chaise longue until she rubs herself to a squirting orgasm. She knocks out several more and ends up going the extra mile by taking that tree-trunk in her very experienced asshole. Like everyone else who couldn’t do the anal, she takes a facial, that’s the wages of sin.

Val Williams

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