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She Likes It Rough Movie Details

Title: She Likes It Rough
Studio: Digital Sin
Director: Eddie Powell
Stars: Giselle Palmer, Jasmine Summers, Kiley Jay, Quinn Wilde, James Deen, Mick Blue, Tommy Pistol
Overall Rating:

3.5 stars

There’s some irony in having James Deen in a movie called She Likes It Rough, but we can skip over that for now. you can go look it up if you want to; I don’t know how you’d Google that, but give it your best shot.

Kiley Jay comes over to his house to dog sit, and realizes who’s dog she’s sitting, and all of a sudden, she wants to sit on something else (it’s his cock, if you hadn’t guessed. Seriously, if you hadn’t, you should hang up the shoes). James likes rough fucking, she likes rough fucking, I think you know what happens next. “fuck me rough like you fuck your French girls,” she says, and he obliges Kylie likes it as rough as she says she does, and as a consequence, James gets it all out on camera, or so we assume.

“Don’t hold back,” Quinn Wilde says to Tommy Pistol, and Tommy’s not the kind to leave a lady hanging. Well, unless he can leave her hanging from a doorway by a set of restraints while he’s fucking the shit out of her. Not holding back includes some spitting, a lot of spanking, some very rough face fucking, and the kind of hair-pulling hard-pumping doggy style that women post memes about when they wish someone respectful but dominant were there right now.

When her sister breaks up with Mick Blue, Jasmine Summers sees her chance, and even though he’s kind of sad because he’s been dumped, he still has a cock, and that is all a man needs to bring him out of the doldrums when a woman says “Fuck me like you used to fuck my sister.” The only better thing to hear would be “Fuck me while you are also fucking my sister,” but those words are not for mortal men. Well, Manuel’s probably heard them, but just the one sister is good enough for today, and he does that whimpering thing he does and she gasps for breath when he’s fucking her from behind. Needless to say, she likes it.

“My stepsister came over the other day and asked me for a massage, but what happened next neither of us were expecting,” says James, both ungrammatically and unrealistically. Giselle knew exactly what she was doing when she took her top off and let him finger her crotch. the only surprise is that it took him that long to fuck her until she thrashes around like a shot replicant. They get there, though. It’s worth the wait.

Val Williams

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