Manuel Ferrara’s Special Dark 2: More Please


Special Dark 2 Movie Details

Title: Special Dark 2
Studio: Jules Jordan Video
Director: Manuel Ferrara
Stars: Jenna Foxx, Sarah banks, Manuel Ferrara, Honey Gold, Noemie Bilas
Overall Rating:

4.25 stars

Manuel Ferrara’s Special Dark 2 is a welcome addition to the slim set of scenes featuring Manel banging black chicks. I have no doubt that he is in no way opposed to interracial, there is no stigma attached to a white male star doing interracial, as there is often rumored to be when it’s a white woman fucking a black man, but you still don’t see it much. I think it’s really more about the overwhelming prevalence of white actresses in porn rather than any active racism, but it’s still nice to see some hot women of color getting a shot at the big dick. I mean the big time, sorry.

Honey Gold is light-skinned, short-haired, and delicious. She’s lean and sexy and she looks like she has a lot more Asian in her makeup than African; she claims to be Cantonese, black, Cherokee, Mongolian and Irish, so you can decide for yourself how much she belongs in an interracial feature, although it’d be hard to argue that she doesn’t look fantastic. She really looks fantastic, whether she’s in the shower and puttin’ ’em on the glass, taking Manuel’s cock deep in her throat, shuddering with orgasms as she rides him, or letting his cum drip off her lips.

Sarah banks does some amazing things with milk, namely letting it drip from her lips like she’s just taken the biggest load of all time in her mouth, and also having it poured over her ass while she twerks in a way that will remind you of those slow motion films of bridges or towers shaking themselves to pieces in earthquakes. It’s a wonder she doesn’t fly apart. Aside from her ass, most of the rest of her is pretty lean and tight, including small tits with pierced nipples and a tight but receptive asshole. Sarah is an enthusiastic cummer whatever Manuel is doing, and a vigorous squirter, and she has many opportunities to hose the place down, given what-all Manuel is doing to all of her holes, including giving her an anal cream pie.

Jenna Foxx starts off her scene in a pink mesh top, and I do love mesh. She’s got nice round tits to bounce around under the mesh, and a commensurately well-padded ass in blue tights that are almost see-through. Manuel nuzzles at her tits before diving into that ass, which he doesn’t get to fuck but does work a thumb into while pounding her pussy. This is a pretty quick scene, as though he either had someplace to be or just couldn’t hold off before popping an absolutely huge load on her face and tits.

Noemie Bilas┬áhas a little schoolgirl/miniature golf thing going on. You’d hit on her if you saw her at the local Scandia. Her boyfriend would threaten to kick your ass, but it wouldn’t slow you down much. She’s cute and sexy, and Manuel fucks her on a hilarious piece of furniture that I can’t even think of a name for. You’re going to have to see it yourself. He and Noemie don’t really seem to notice it, because they’re all wrapped up in each other. Manuel fingers her ass, fucks her pussy, and pops on her tongue.

Val Williams

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