Video Chat Revenge: I’ve Been Skyping Wrong All this Time


Video Chat Revenge Movie Details

Title: Video Chat Revenge
Studio: Pretty Dirty
Director: Craven Moorehead
Stars: Ashley Adams, Cassidy Klein, Tiffany Watson, Valentina Nappi, Ryan Driller, Seth Gamble, Xander Corvus
Overall Rating:

4 stars


I’m trying to imagine what Video Chat Revenge could possibly be about. This is one of those porn titles where you have to just turn it on and find out if it turns you on. Pretty Dirty has started getting into some kind of odd territory with movies like Indirect Relations, and the credit preview in Video Chat Revenge has a lot of ominous minor-key music that makes me think it’s going to be really really weird too. Let’s see. (Update: only half of it is about Video Chat Revenge. There’s also some step-cest and some just good old-fashioned fucking.)

Jessy Jones is doing his best to get some distance from his hot but astonishingly needy and annoying girlfriend Tiffany Watson who keeps begging him to come visit or at least pay attention to her via webcam. She basically drives him into the arms, and mouth and pussy, of Ashley Adams, a tight little brunette who comes over to visit at the end of a chat session after which Jessy forgets to turn off the camera, thus allowing Tiffany to watch them fucking in basically every position a pair of horny college students can get into. Tiffany’s not all that happy about that, but she watches the whole thing anyway, right down to the facial, at which she exclaims “That’s supposed to be on MY face!”

When photographer Xander Corvus‘ model doesn’t show up for the big photoshoot, he’s desperate for a replacement, and when Valentina Nappi jogs by with her awesome tits nearly bouncing out of her frankly inappropriate-for-jogging top, he asks her if she’d be willing to do some modeling. Once he gets her back to the studio, she isn’t all that comfortable with the cheesecake photos he wants to take, but when she discovers that he takes much more explicit photos than that, she decides to go for it and have an adventure. Pretty soon she’s sucking his cock, and not long after that, he’s deep in her pussy. After he applies her facial, though, it turns out she was on a secret mission.

Cassidy Klein‘s going to be living at home for a few months, but late-blooming virgin stepbrother Ryan Driller is making things complicated by spying on her in the bathroom and being a lazy bastard. If you can get past the astonishingly bad acting and the paper-thin premise, I recommend you just skip to the fucking, you can enjoy this fauxcest scene for what it is ? a pairing of two attractive people who like having sex. Cassidy is cute and Driller is reliable, and if you like a story about a sister seducing her stepbrother and taking his virginity, here you go.

Porn logic is in full swing here, as Tiffany Watson, the wounded girlfriend from the first scene, decides the only way for her to get her cheating boyfriend back is to return the favor by livestreaming herself fucking Seth Gamble, the first guy that walks by her dorm room. Tiffany is considerably less annoying with a cock in her mouth, and you can see why Jessy might have gotten with her in the first place. She’s got nice perky tits and a great ass, and it’s easy to see how her personality might be tolerable if you had your dick in her most of the time. Jessy watches the whole thing, from the blowjob to the reverse cowgirl to the doggy style to the inevitable facial. They really deserve each other.

Val Williams

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