The Mandingo Challenge 2: Coming Up to Scratch


The Mandingo Challenge 2 Movie Details

Title: The Mandingo Challenge 2
Studio: Jules Jordan Video
Director: Jules Jordan
Stars: Anya Olsen, Ariana Marie, Jojo Kiss, Valentina Nappi, Mandingo
Overall Rating:

4 stars

I think I am going to say right up front here that I am almost certain that I would not take the Mandingo Challenge, and I don’t even know what it is. I’ve been in this business for a while, and although I can’t say I’ve seen everything, but I can’t imagine that the Mandingo Challenge involves putting an ice bucket on your head for charity, or having to design an outfit around culottes. Anya Olsen, Ariana Marie, Jojo Kiss, and Valentina Nappi are much braver than I, though, they took the challenge, and it remains to you to judge whether they passed or failed.

If the challenge is to get all of Mandingo‘s cock into one of your holes Ariana Marie sadly fails. She does her best, but there is only so much room inside a girl for a part of another person, and Mandingo’s endowment is just too big. She gets a solid half of it in her mouth, and manages at one point to completely envelop one ball, but her most vigorous efforts never get her any farther than about three inches from the base while she’s riding or bent over for him to plunge it into her, although they both do seem to really enjoy that much, and they finish up with a facial.

Jules Jordan is arguably one of the premier cocksmen of our time, and I wonder if it’s galling to him that Anya Olsen, a lean, giggly blonde with perky, perfect B-cup tits and a nice round ass, isn’t participating in the Jules Challenge. Jules just can’t compete, but he has to stand by and watch as Anya also can’t compete. She can’t get much more than the head in her mouth, although she makes up for that with some enthusiastic hand action, and although she bounces as hard as she can, she also can’t quite get him balls deep in her pussy, no matter how wide she spreads it. She also settles for a facial.

Jojo Kiss, a cute brunette with a little puppy fat still on her, admits right up front that she doesn’t have a very big mouth, and her pussy isn’t really built for huge cocks ? she says sometimes she has trouble even getting two fingers inside her, but she’s game to give it her best shot. Given that she’s about to deal with something that probably out masses two of Andre the Giant’s fingers, she’s a brave girl. With two hands on his shaft, she chokes on the head, but when it comes time to fuck, she seems to get most of him inside her. She screams, thrashes and spews some amazing dirty talk, but she does the best of any of the girls in the movie before kneeling for the traditional facial, although Mandingo’s output is not what you’d call voluminous. The Mandingo Challenge may be wearing him out.

Valentina Nappi is a consummate professional. She’s worked with Mandingo before, she knows her way around his dick, and unlike the other three girls in the Challenge, she doesn’t quail, freak out, or get silly at the sight of it. She knows her business and gets down to it, which is a refreshing change. When he slides inside her, she knows what she’s getting, and even though she doesn’t take much more of it than anyone else, she acts a lot more like a woman getting fucked by a cock she wants than a girl getting surprised by a cock she’s a little afraid of. She doesn’t do any better at the Mandingo Challenge than any of the other girls, although she does let him fuck her ass, which is kind of a win in and of itself.

Val Williams

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