Anal Novice 5: We Believe


Anal Novice 5 Movie Details

Title: Anal Novice 5
Studio: Vision Films
Stars: Angel Smalls, Bonnie Grey, Mila Jade, Mila Houston
Overall Rating:

3.75 stars

You always have to be a little skeptical when someone’s claiming to be showing you a first time, we have this feeling that the girls in porn have to have been pretty experienced by the time they got to the point where they’re letting people film their exploits, but you know, everybody has to start somewhere. The girls in Anal Novice 5 seem like regular girls, though, with the exception of Angel Smalls, whose asshole has been a well-traveled route in movies for a while now. Two Mila’s and a Bonnie make up the balance of the scenes, and if you squint and put aside your prejudices re: porn stars being more experienced than they let on, you can pretty much believe that they’re new to ass-fucking. At least on camera.

Mila Houston talks a good game as far as being an anal novice is concerned, and she seems like a nice girl. On the other hand, she’s got pierced nipples and fake tits, and it’s hard to get past that when you’re thinking about what a woman might have gotten up to. Her moans are pretty convincing when the dick goes in her asshole, at first. For a novice, she takes a pretty big dick and a pretty hard fucking. My favorite moment, though, is when she’s on her knees sucking cock. She knows what she’s doing, and I like watching a girl who enjoys her work. She hasn’t appeared in any more porn scenes that I can find, though, so it’s hard to say how much she really liked it.

Mila Jade is 22 and says she’s been in the business for three or four years on and off; her story holds up to a little math, she’s 24 now, so this scene was filmed a couple of years ago, and her other anal scenes start in 2015. I believe her when she says she’s new to ass fucking (on screen) but not to porn. She’s a slender Asian with a nice round ass, and she too looks good sucking cock. She takes a big plug and a solid pussy-pounding as a warmup, and when the time comes for her to meet her gentleman caller at the back door, she takes it like a champ, breathing heavy and moaning. Her stunt cock is reasonably kind to her, gentle but firm, and she says she’ll be back for more.

Angel Smalls has been on the scene for a couple of years now, and I’ve seen her ass get pumped every which way, big cock, bigger cock, white cock, black cock, double penetrations, toys, the whole deal, so it’s not really that much of an adventure to see her taking what seems to be (again, a little detective work reveals that her claim of anal inexperience is at least plausible) her first dick in the derriere. She admits to having had at least four fingers in her ass, but puts up a convincing show of slight distress mixed with enjoyment when her time comes. She says, after the cream pie, that she enjoyed it, and I believe her. I’ve seen her later work, and nobody who had a bad first experience would do the things she’s done.

Bonnie Grey is another girl without much of a porn history, she has a half dozen or so scenes under her belt by 2017, but only one other anal. Bonnie’s a New Yorker, though, and they know their anal in the Big Apple. She’s a cutie, small tits and a nice ass, pale skin and a sweet smile. She loves the pussy eating she gets, quails at first when the warmup play starts with fingers and a slightly daunting plug, but she soldiers on in spite of middling initial results (“It’s okay,” she says with some misgivings when asked how it is, and, charmingly, “Meow meow MEOW!” when the plug goes in). Her stud has a huge cock, which it takes her a while to get used to, but by the end she’s said yes a couple of times, and she masturbates her way through it and ends up claiming to like the ass-fucking and the cream pie.

Val Williams

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