Girls Love Natural Breasts: Well, They’re Not Alone There


Girls Love Natural Breasts Movie Details

Title: Girls Love Natural Breasts
Studio: Sweetheart Video
Director: Dana Vespoli
Stars: Angela White, April O’Neil, Ashley Adams, Darcie Dolce, Jenna Foxx, Karlee Grey, Katrina Jade, Sofi Ryan
Overall Rating:

4 stars

As a sensitive man who feels the bite and sting of prejudice keenly, it’s hard to deal with blatant discrimination when it’s right in my face, so I went into Girls Love Natural Breasts with my guard up. I mean, men like natural breasts, too, but where are my desires represented here? Where can I go to see my urges depicted in popular culture? And just as I suspected, there’s not a dick in the movie anywhere – it’s all just tits and more tits as far as the eye can see. Porn is so slanted towards women’s concerns – it’s a hard road, being a man in this industry. Winky fucking face.

Sofi Ryan thinks Katrina Jade should resign as a student advisor because Katrina’s tits are on display in an art exhibit, but it’s really about how upright Sofi is. We all like tits, but she’s just afraid to admit it. Once she gets Katrina’s in her hands, she can’t think about anything else. I can’t either, but it’s not like Sofi doesn’t have a nice pair as well. To be fair, she doesn’t ignore the rest of Katrina – the two pretty much cover all the ground when it comes to licking each other.

Jenna Fox wants to get some boob reduction surgery – all she gets is people staring at them all the time, and it makes her uncomfortable, but she relaxes when April O’Neil starts staring at them. I guess it’s situational. She seems to like the liberties April takes, and since April’s tits are just as nice – if a little smaller – she must feel some sympathy. Once you get a look at April’s rack, you’ll agree that they’re definitely worth staring at as well. They spend a lot of time kissing and playing with each other’s pussies, too, so as not to be too awkwardly focused on just the one feature.

Karlee Grey likes her women slim and tight, and her yoga teacher is just her type – built like a boy – but Angela White wishes the teacher would ease up. Her huge tits are a problem in class, and the teacher is always picking on her. Karlee likes them, though, and she likes Karlee’s, and all of a sudden while talking about bras, they find themselves much more focused on what the bras hold. 36DD and 32GG add up to – well, I’m not very good at math, but their tits are all pressed together and bouncing around and they’ve got hands and lips all over them and…I forget what I was saying. I’ll get back to you.

Darcie Dolce wants some advice on what to wear for her tutoring session with a hot teacher, and Ashley Adams gives her some, but it turns out she’s really giving her advice on what Ashley likes to look at. Ashley tells her what to wear to emphasize her gorgeous 32DD tits, but then she wants to play with them herself, and it looks like Darcie’s going to miss her meeting because she’s got Ashley all over her. She’s not going to learn much about any school subject, but she finds some things out about what girls like, and the teacher gets stood up. I bet he wanted to look at those tits too, but he’s getting sloppy seconds at best – and just like that, another man gets the shaft. It’s a girl’s world out there.

Val Williams

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