Tushy’s Lana: Lana. LANA. LAAAANAAAAAAA!


Lana Movie Details

Title: Lana
Studio: Tushy
Director: Greg Lansky
Stars: Adriana Chechik, Lana Rhoades, Penny Pax, Jean Val Jean, Manuel Ferrara
Overall Rating:

4 stars

It’s good to see Tushy step outside the boundaries of their usual four-scene themed pieces. Lana is a dedicated piece, a plot-driven and relatively narrative-heavy feature, unlike most of their previous releases. The plot and narrative are by and large those of the TV show The Girlfriend Experience, but still, it’s a plot and a narrative. Newcomer Lana Rhoades, whose onscreen appearances so far have been remarkably few considering the buzz about her, has arrived in Los Angeles with one goal: to graduate from LAU. What she does instead is become a high-priced call girl (couples porn rarely deals in low-priced call girls) when her friend introduces her to the world of fucking for money.

Money is tight, and Lana can’t make the rent, but roommate Kate (Penny Pax) doesn’t mind covering the ticket. When Lana asks how Kate can afford such nice stuff, Kate tells her that she dates the occasional rich and generous man. She makes a bucket load of money – enough that Lana feels pretty good about getting in on the business. Lana doesn’t want to date, though – she just wants to fuck, and Kate knows just the guy to set her up with. Lana’s okay with anal, so she’s perfect for this French guy. When Lana arrives at the house, she finds money and some lingerie waiting for her, and the resulting fuck session is slow and sensual but still very hardcore. Lana is an expert salad-tosser – Jean Val Jean isn’t just about her ass; he likes to have his taken care of as well – and she makes him moan almost as much as she moans when he’s fucking her backdoor.

Deep in the world of high-class whoring, Lana has her own webpage and clients of her own, and the money’s good. When Kate asks her if she’d be interested in being the third wheel on a French tricycle, she jumps at the chance – Manuel Ferrara is a big client, and he wants two girls; Lana’s never played with a woman before, but she’s definitely into getting down with Kate. Manuel likes to watch, but he’s not going to let those two perfect asses go unfucked, and both girls like what he’s dealing out. It’s hard for Lana to eat his ass while he’s pounding Kate, but she gives it her best shot.

Lana’s next adventure is a wealthy couple – a man who likes to watch and a woman with a fantasy of fucking a girl’s ass. If you’ve never seen Adriana Chechik, the wealthy wife, you might be surprised to see her facility with Lana’s butthole, but if you’re familiar with Adriana’s oeuvre, you’ll have no problem recognizing what’s going on. Very few first-timers would say something like “Open up that asshole so I can see how pretty it is,” but Adriana’s been around the block a few times.

Lana is a year into “transactional relationships,” and the money has kind of gone to her head. When she gets a date with a big celebrity, she’s kind of a bitch to the personal assistant who shows her in, but she’s so far above that level that she doesn’t even notice. The PA – Casey Calvert in an oddly unfucking cameo – just passes Lana on to her boss John Johnson, a black stud who tests her commitment to giving up her tight asshole to her clients by pumping it full of his enormous cock. Not that her regulars aren’t huge, but this guy is at another level.

Lana’s managed to keep her internship at the law office and her life as a transactional relationship specialist separate, buyt they come crashing together – surprise – when her very first client asks her if he can engage her services again for a special threesome – he’s got a friend he wants to impress, and since Lana hasn’t been with two men yet, she’s happy to oblige. The friend turns out to be her boss, Mick Blue, and she seizes the opportunity to show off some skills you don’t ordinarily get to showcase in the workplace. And that, kids, is how Lana got a job at a prestigious law firm.

Val Williams

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