Forbidden Family Affairs 6: Blowing the Lid Off the Story


Forbidden Family Affairs 6 Movie Details

Title: Forbidden Family Affairs 6
Studio: Team Skeet
Stars: Bambi Brooks, Sophie Sativa, Stacey LeAnn, Summer Day, Kristen Lee
Overall Rating:

0 stars

Family Affairs are becoming less and less forbidden, it seems. A quick overview of the market reveals more and more Family Affairs coming to light – in startling numbers, in fact. Bambi Brooks REALLY wants to be working full time, but her stepdad doesn’t think she needs any more money – she should be out having fun, he says. But she knows work is stressing him out, so she thinks she should be around the office more to help him relax. A nice massage, a glimpse of her tight ass while she cleans up, a photo of her tits mixed in with the files – she seems to be making him more tense, not else, but when she gets on her knees to give him a blowjob, he relaxes right away. Then she climbs on his cock to ride him and lets him shoot on her face, and nobody can claim to be stressed out after that.

Kristen Lee shows up for the Fourth of July at her parents’ place; she loves the house, loves the pool, loves the spread dad has laid out for them – but she especially loves her stepbrother and his big hard cock. They used to fuck back in high school, and it’s a big surprise to him that she still wants his dick now that their parents are married. She does, though, and he can’t hold back; she goes down on her knees with the folks in the next room. She doesn’t care, though, and she’s willing to fuck anywhere, anytime. Lucky brother!

Sophie Sativa isn’t really ready to let her new stepdad into her life – so many of the men her mom dates have failed her that she’s reluctant to let another one get close. When she asks the new one for boy advice, he stutters and stammers before deciding to show her exactly how a cock works. She’s awfully forward for a naive girl – she asks if she can suck on it when he gets it out, and from there on in, he’s doomed. Of course she needs to know how to fuck, too, and he has no compunction about teaching her every position he can think of.

Stacey LeAnn‘s brother pulled a muscle in his leg weightlifting, and he asks her to help him out. Whether or not he actually pulled a muscle is up for question – is he just angling for a hand job, as his towel slips away? Whether he is or not, he gets one, and when it turns to a blowjob, he doesn’t complain. She tries to pretend she’s annoyed when he comes in her mouth, but she’s so turned on that she has to go masturbate in the bath. When she gets her hand caught in the drain, though, he comes in and fucks her silly, and then she’s so addicted to his dick that she wants more, even though dad is coming home soon. They finish up with a fuck on the couch, and Stacey’s craving is finally satisfied.

Summer Day hasn’t seen her Uncle Richie in years, and she’s grown up quite a bit since then. He finds out exactly how much when she stands over him as he’s fixing mom’s garbage disposal and he gets a look up her skirt at her sexy panties, and then again when she takes her tits out to show him how underdeveloped she is. She’s actually not – she’s a full-grown woman, and Uncle Richie appreciates her with his eyes, his hands, his tongue and eventually his cock. Uncle Richie teaches her everything she’s not learning from the boys at her school, including how to suck cock, what it feels like to have her pussy eaten, and how big an object she can take in her tight little cunt.

Val Williams

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