Be My Bitch Boy: Sure Thing, Lady


Be My Bitch Boy Movie Details

Title: Be My Bitch Boy
Studio: Submissed
Stars: Blanche Bradburry, Cindy Dollar, Isabella Christyn
Overall Rating:

4 stars

Being a Bitch Boy doesn’t sound on the face of it like the kind of thing I’d usually be interested in, but if the scenes in this movie are anything to go by, I’ve been underestimating the appeal. To be fair, most of what I’m seeing here is hot, scantily clad Warsaw Pact dominatrices dealing out hand jobs in exchange for some light bondage. I don’t know many guys who would turn down a hand job if being tied up were a condition, except for some domly doms with ego issues, but these scenes make it even more appealing. I would have sworn going into Be My Bitch Boy that there’d be more slapping, abuse, and pain, but a disdainful “You horny idiot!” was about as bad as it got. If you like hand jobs and vague scorn, this might be the movie for you.

Sexy brunette Clair Brooks wears a black dress that covers up her C cup tits, but which she hikes up to reveal her pussy and tattoos while she duct-tapes her bound captive’s mouth shut and jacks him off. It’s a pretty straightforward whack job with a guy tied to a chair, although she gives him a little high-heel foot tease and a little ass-heavy lap dance before he shoots.

Blanche Bradburry is a tall blonde, or at least a blonde in heels, whose tattooed twink is fastened to a frame. A couple of light slaps and some condescending talk in Czech is good enough for her to be going on with, and she cuts his boxers off him before taping over his nipples, fingering her pussy and helping him make a mess on the floor.

Cindy Dollar is a saucy brunette in a white dress that barely contains her 34D rack. If she were really an interrogator securing a prisoner, she would be overwhelmed immediately by her escaping charge, because her zip-tying skills are ridiculously poor, but she’s jacking him off, not waterboarding him, and he sits still and doesn’t make a bid for freedom while she does it.

I don’t know who Girl 4 is, but she speaks English, although only about as well as Cindy Dollar works zip-ties. “You can speak if I talk you in this. You understand?” she cautions her jumpsuit-clad prisoner. “You are stupid idiot,” she says, “nothing else,” but he’s relaxing and getting a hand job from a hot chick and she’s doing all the work, so I think we all know who’s getting the short end of the stick here. She does ruin his jumpsuit, though, so hard to say who comes out in the black on this one.

Isabella Christyn is a little baffled by the appearance of her prisoner, who looks like he was headed either to the beach or to bed, or maybe got captured while sleepwalking to the beach. Maybe his sartorial failures are the reason she is much more interested in slapping his ass and his face than the other girls have been, but she’s much meaner than they were. Still, it’s not exactly Geneva-Accords-level torture, and he gets his crank yanked, so everybody walks away happy. I’m assuming he walks away – we never see him getting untied.

Val Williams

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