Tales from the Edge: Hotwife Bound 2


Hotwife Bound 2 Movie Details

Title: Hotwife Bound 2
Studio: New Sensations
Director: Eddie Powell
Stars: Ashley Adams, Chloe Scott, Eden Sin, Yasmin Scott, James Deen, Ramon Nomar, Steve Holmes, Toni Ribas
Overall Rating:

4 stars

Fair warning: Some of the tales in Tales from the Edge – Hotwife Bound 2 are edgier than some of the others, although none of them really approaches anything you’d call terribly edgy. As fetish porn goes, this is pretty approachable, and the stars are hot. James Deen, though, really gets deep into his role (and into Yasmin Scott) as a denier of cock and an abuser of ass, and all the girls definitely enjoy being bound and used.

James Deen has (irresponsibly) left Yasmin Scott bound on the couch with a vibrator strapped to her pussy while he goes out and does whatever it is you do when you have more important things to do than fuck the girl who’s hotwifing for him, and when he comes back, she’s ready for anything he cares to deal out, which involves some paddling and flogging, but mostly asking if she wants more cock. She does. Are you going to be a good whore, he asks, and she does everything she can to prove that yes, she is. The lighting is artistic, her dirty talk is inspiring, and everybody gets what they want.

Ashley Adams is only very nominally bound, but she definitely has the look of a girl who likes being kept in place and made to obey instructions. When Ramon Nomar comes in, her arms are behind her back, and she revels in getting paddled, but the real thrill comes when she gets wrapped in plastic wrap and told to use her mouth, her tits and her pussy to please him. The plastic wrap comes in very handy in a number of ways, but it’s pretty much gone by the time Ramon coats her face with jizz.

The lovely Eden Sin is all ready to fuck a man besides her husband. That lucky man is Steve Holmes, who has heard a lot about her but thinks she’s much better looking than her pictures. Everybody loves a redhead. Steve is considerably more gentle than James was with Yasmin, this scene is much more about head games and quiet domination than the others, at least in the beginning – more B&D than S&M. She’s blindfolded and spread wide, fucked and spanked a little made to toss his salad, but it’s a much quieter and more cerebral domination. There is, of course, still a facial.

In contrast to the usual absent husband so far in these scenes, Chloe Scott‘s man wants to listen in, so Toni Ribas puts the phone down near the scene of the crime and lets him participate, if only passively. Chloe, a slim blonde, has lost her wedding ring, and her husband (who sounds like James Deen) wants her punished for it. Toni deals out a lot of fucking and a few smacks, but if I were on the other end of that phone listening for a woman learning her lesson, I’d be concerned that the man I engaged to punish my errant woman was using her for his own selfish purposes. It’s hard to get good help these days, unless you just want a facial.

Val Williams

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