Mom’s Lick Teens 8: Epidemic Proportions


The incidence of teens getting licked by moms in America is on the rise – it’s like an epidemic. We’re up to Moms Lick Teens Vol. 8 now, and it seems like there’s no end in sight. The wave of hot older women with great bodies who can’t keep their tongues out of their daughters is stunning, but understandable in light of the rampant numbers of horny teenage girls who aren’t getting satisfied by their boyfriends, their next door neighbors, or their stepdads. Somebody needs to step up, or this kind of thing is just going to keep happening.

Cassandra Cain comes home to find a very convincingly distraught Bonnie Grey managing a bonfire fueled by a bunch of Levi’s stuff, and finds out that Bonnie’s ex (not coincidentally, Levi is Cassandra’s stepson) has been cheating on her with an older woman. Given the popularity of fauxcest porn these days, I think we can safely assume that Levi is fucking Cassandra, but we only get to see Cassandra fucking Bonnie, as she works hard to convince the younger girl that MILFs have their uses. Eventually, Bonnie comes around to Levi’s point of view, but she still doesn’t forgive him.

Silvia Saige finds some suspicious items while she’s snooping around Amara Romani‘s room – condoms, dildos, a pair of $300 sunglasses – but the thing that shocks her most is the porn and sexts on Amara’s phone. Now that she knows Amara is a horny slut, though, she’s happy to help take care of all of Amara’s needs at home. As long as Daddy doesn’t find out, Silvia and Amara can have all the fun they want, and Amara doesn’t have to go outside the house to get her pussy eaten by a cougar!

You’d never guess it to look at her – shaved head, tattoos, sexy glasses – but Pressley Carter is still a virgin as far as women are concerned (she’s taken a dick or two, though); she really wants to find out what it’s like to make luuuuv with a woman. Olivia Fox, her best friend’s mom, is pretty forward about letting her know she can find out pretty easily, and no sooner has Pressley told Olivia how big her boyfriend’s dick is than the two are face deep in each other, licking like it was their job.

Nina Elle and Cleo Vixen are having a fine time at dinner, but Jake – busy on his phone – barely notices either of them, so Nina takes the opportunity to dive under the table and into Cleo’s bare pussy; if Cleo didn’t want her pussy eaten by a ravenous mom, she should have worn some underwear, if you ask me. Spoiler: She does want her pussy eaten, and she wants Nina to eat it. They’re both happy to take a break from dinner and fuck in the other room while Jake plays Bejeweled.


Olivia Austin is surprised, when she comes home, to find Tiffany Watson masturbating in the living room – apparently they’ve never met? – but not as surprised as Tiffany would have been if Dad had been the one to walk in. Olivia asks about Tiffany’s fantasies and is less surprised to hear that it’s girls that get the motor running for her stepdaughter. Fantasy turns to reality, as these things do, and pretty soon they couldn’t care less who might walk in.

Cory Chase doesn’t know that Bailey Brooke is watching as she gets ready for her date, but she puts a lot of sexy into getting her lingerie on straight anyway. When Cory catches her stepdaughter filming the reverse striptease, though, she’s not mad – she’s flattered, and she insists on a couple of selfies. Once she’s got Bailey in the bedroom, she lets her go a lot farther than just snapping a few pictures. If you were curious, she wonders, why didn’t you just ask me to lick your pussy? Bailey’s definitely curious, and she learns a lot about girl-girl action from her stepmom.

Val Williams

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