A Firm Hand: Disciplined Teens 7


Disciplined Teens 7 Movie Details

Title: Disciplined Teens 7
Studio: Team Skeet
Stars: Kylie Quinn, Molly Manson, Nina Nirvana, Shane Blair, Stacey Leann
Overall Rating:

3 stars

Teens as we know them in the modern world are really a handful – at least the 18 and 19-year-old ones are (and the 20-year-olds if you know your math, but that’s beside the point). Used to be kids were well-behaved, but nowadays they just don’t know anything about personal responsibility, which makes it the job of the older generation to do what we can to shape them up. And if that involves a lot of fucking – very vigorous and insistent fucking, even if they don’t know what’s good for them and have to be convinced – well, that’s just the way it is.

Karlo Karrera is telling his buddy about how Nina Nirvana got him fired by snitching on him, when he sees her walking down the street and follows her home. He invades her house, grabs her out of the shower, and shows her why it’s a bad idea to piss off a big Latino. She tries to pacify him by spreading her legs and showing him her pussy, but he wants more, and he takes his revenge by fucking her within an inch of her life.

Molly Manson‘s supposed to be cleaning the dungeon, but when Master Dick Chibbles catches her playing with the toys instead of doing her chores, she’s in for some discipline. The slender brunette gets herself stuck in the stocks, and he shows her what some of the dungeon equipment is really for. The stocks restrain her while he tickles her, crops her thighs and fucks her mouth, and he uses other equipment to hold her steady while he fucks her from behind and spanks her.

When his dogsitter Shane Blair gets high and loses his dog after she throws a big party at his house, Richie Black loses his shit, and he decides to teach her a little responsibility. Since she lost track of his beloved dog, he makes Shane his bitch, taking out his cock and making her suck it, holding her with her shirt wrapped around her neck like a leash, and then putting an actual leash on her while he fucks her from behind – doggy-style! – and finally making her eat his cum out of a dog bowl.

When Bruno Dickems‘s wife has to take off for two weeks on a business trip, she worries that he might get bored or lonely, so she leaves him Kylie Quinn, restrained and available for anything he wants to do to her. What he wants to do includes smacking her ass with his belt, fucking her mouth, pounding her from behind while he chokes her, slapping her face, and shooting a load of jizz in her open mouth.

When Stacy Leann‘s mom sends her to stay with her evangelical uncle for some discipline, Stacy can’t believe she’s supposed to be doing chores and that she’s not allowed to wear the kind of revealing, sexy clothes she’s used to. She’s used to being able to backtalk, too, but Uncle Ike Diezel doesn’t put up with that kind of shit, and since the Good Lord isn’t there to keep her in line, Ike’s own firm hand will have to be enough. His firm cock is part of the deal, and since Stacy’s mom said he could do whatever it takes to bring her back to the fold, he decides to fuck her back to goodness.

Val Williams

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