Pick Your Target: Cum on My Tattoo 7


Cum on My Tattoo 7 Movie Details

Title: Cum on My Tattoo 7
Studio: Burning Angel Entertainment
Director: Joanna Angel
Stars: Leigh Raven, Marley Brinx, Rachel Rampage, Small Hands, Steve Holmes, Jessy Jones
Overall Rating:

3.75 stars

If you haven’t gotten your fill of silly made-up fetishes, get yourself a bucket of popcorn (or lube) (or both) and settle in for the latest iteration of Cum on My Tattoo, the chronicle of the fetish Joanna Angel made up for God knows what reason and which has turned out to be wildly entertaining for enthusiasts of both cum and tattoos. I think she told me once that it had something to do with a Craigslist ad, but I can’t remember for sure. Anyway, this is #7 in the cavalcade of delight that is the Cum on My Tattoo empire, and we couldn’t be happier. In previous volumes, the stars have shown off their tattoos and discussed which ones might be the most suitable targets, but today it’s just straight-ahead vignette porn.

Marley Brinx isn’t here to look at Small Hands‘ record collection, even though he’s got a lot of very rare and interesting vinyl. No, she’s here to have him cum on her tattoo. She’s not quite as inked up as some of her contemporaries, but she’s got a sleeve and a few little pieces scattered here and there. She’s very aggressive until Small Hands gets what she’s after, at which point he takes over and runs the show. He smacks her a little, chokes her with is hand, and opts to blow his load on the big sleeve on her left arm.

Leigh Raven finds out she can have basically anything delivered to her house with a new app, and she wears Steve Holmes ragged delivering coffee, paper towels, bottled water, a guitar, a giant stuffed animal, a samurai sword, sex toys and finally, his own dick. Steve’s exhausted, but not too exhausted to fuck the daylights out of her. Leigh jumps on his cock, and he lets her suck it for a while before he takes over, working her pussy like mad and smacking her ass while she begs for more. When it’s time for him to shoot, he pumps his load across what looks like a Spirograph design on her neck.

Rachel Rampage has locked her keys in her car on a snowy day, but luckily Small Hands has a couple of fires burning in his house – digital and analog – but she’s still freezing, and nothing helps until she realizes that what she needs is cum on her tattoo. He can’t resist the statuesque blonde, but he can’t just smash one out – lots of fucking ensues, and he has lots of time to check out all her tattoos: the full sleeves on both arms, the chest piece, the Florida license plate, the bows on the backs of her thighs, the text pieces – before he finally decides, after a very rough session of fucking, slapping and choking, to leave his cum on the big colorful piece between her tits.

Rachel Rampage doesn’t need anybody to cum on her tattoo just yet – when we find her in bed, she’s working her pussy with a sleek toy and coming over and over, but when her neighbor Jessy Jones comes in and asks why she masturbates so much, she admits that she’s really horny, and when he inquires as to why she has so many tattoos, the answer is that she has to make sure there are enough for people to cum on. There are; he is only one man, with only so much cum to go around, but even if he can’t cover all the tattoos, he might be able to do something about the horniness. For once in this movie, she’s just as aggressive as he is, and they wear each other out. When he shoots, he does it on her elaborate chest piece.

Val Williams

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