Our Favorite Wedding Gift: An Ancient Japanese Tradition


Our Favorite Wedding Gift Movie Details

Title: Our Favorite Wedding Gift
Studio: Fantasy Massage
Director: Barrett Blade
Stars: Alexis Adams, Brianna Jordan, Keira Nicole, Krystal Carrington, Lolly Ink, Marco Banderas, Marcus London, Steven St. Croix, Tommy Gunn
Overall Rating:

3.75 stars

Our Favorite Wedding Gift is another in the centuries-old Keira Nicole remembers that it’s Marco Banderas‘ birthday, even if he forgot, and she’s determined to make it a memorable one. All day long, she’s been waiting in lingerie for him to come home, and when he gets there she surprises him with sheets that look awfully slippery. They’re slippery because the next surprise is that she’s treating him to a Nuru massage, and you don’t want to do that on regular cotton sheets. Once they’re both as slippery as can be, they start matching up body parts, and it becomes a very happy birthday indeed for Marco as Keira spreads wide and he gets to fuck her in cowgirl, missionary, and doggy until he pops all over her sexy, slippery face.

Marcus London is getting married, and he wants to hurry things along, so he has selected Lolly Ink to be his Nuru masseuse because she is a very fast girl indeed. A lot of the Nuru girls wait to spring the blowjob on you till you’re in the tub and the massage is under way, but Lolly takes his cock in her mouth before he even has his pants off. She slows down a little to administer the gel, but it’s not long before she’s crawling all over him, her big, sexy fake tits doing half the work. Her mouth does some work, too, as do her hands and her pussy – with that gel all over her, there’s nary a part of her that’s not fuckable. Marcus completely forgets about his bride and upcoming nuptials long enough to blast a load over her lips.

Brianna Jordan wants the same massage that her husband got from the Nuru spa, but Krystal Carrington thinks, understandably, that there might be some issues, given that she almost certainly sucked his cock and fucked him. Krystal gives it her best shot, though, and Brianna doesn’t mind that there are a few deviations here and there – fingering each others’ pussies, grinding cunts together, licking clits, and so on. And there’s no facial at the end, naturally, but Brianna manages to get past that.

A mysterious box at the door seems like it might be just another wedding present for Alexis Adams and Steven St. Croix, but it’s much better than a toaster or some wine glasses. Alexis sets up the rubber sheets in the bedroom and puts on her best sexy lingerie, which Steven almost immediately takes right back off her. It would be nice to think that he was concerned about them getting ruined, but the truth is he just wants to look at her perfect natural tits. You can’t blame him, nor can you argue against his decision to let her cover him in goop and rub her body all over him. It’s not quite the surprise that a strange masseuse would be, but it’s a pretty good wedding present anyway.

Val Williams

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