Cuck ‘Em All 2: Black on Black Cuck Attack


Cuck ‘Em All 2 Movie Details

Title: Cuck ‘Em All 2
Studio: Devils Film
Stars: Daisy Ducati, Yasmine Deleon, Daya Knight, September Reign
Overall Rating:

3.75 stars

Unlike some cuckolding movies, Cuck ‘Em All 2 is in no doubt about its aims, although there are some odd twists to it. For one thing, all the couples are interracial, in that in each scene a black woman is engaging a black man to help with the cuckolding of a white man, which is kind of cool in that it subverts the paradigm in which the white woman fucks a black man in order to humiliate him with the racial overtones implicit in interracial sex. It brings up some other questions about what exactly is going on here, but at least it’s different.

Daisy Ducati found Dirk on (not a real website, don’t bother looking), and his manliness is welcome, as her husband is a fey, shrill little sprite whose objections are overruled immediately by Daisy’s insistence that Dirk is a real man. Dirk feels the same way, and he does have a huge dick that needs servicing, so Daisy chokes herself on it as her husband slumps to the floor in despair. Then she lets Dirk fuck her in missionary, doggy, RCG and cowgirl, not to mention several variations of those, after which he dumps a load on her face, which she shares with her unwilling husband.

Daya Knight spent a long time talking to a bunch of black guys at the party, and her husband is feeling a little insecure, so she offers him a chance at some kink by cuffing him to the bed. It gets a little kinkier than he expected, though, when Jevon comes out of the closet – an actual closet, not a metaphorical one; the surprise isn’t that big – so Daya can reveal how much she wants a big cock instead of the one her husband is packing. She really does want it a lot, and she shows her restrained husband the difference between what he does and getting fucked by a monster dick. This scene, which ends with a load that Jevon shoots on her face and she smears on her husband’s, also features the delightful line “Nobody likes Shakespeare, but you’re taking this too far!”

Yasmine De Leon is sitting at home going over some insurance options with a big black insurance agent when her husband comes home, and she asks – quite rightly – whether they’re prepared for a home invasion. he doesn’t really know, so Yasmine demands a demonstration of what might happen if a ruthless black man with an insatiable cock broke in and invaded her personally, and then her husband has to sit and watch as the insurance agent, who is really good at his job, goes through the threat levels: pussy grabbing, mouth fucking, and pussy invasion. The wimpy husband just sits and cries as he watches his wife coming to the understanding that she kind of wants to get invaded a lot more often, but not by European forces any more.

September Reign hasn’t seen her friend Slim since the days when they were just kids in the hood, and she misses him – his energy, his verve, and his big black dick. Now that he’s a famous rapper and he’s coming to visit, she can’t wait to reminisce. Well, really what she can’t wait for is the chance to ride that cock again, and her husband isn’t out of the room fetching drinks for more than a minute before she’s got it in her mouth and the memories of the old days are coming back. September makes her husband watch up close to make sure he sees how a black man does it, but he’s too depressed to pay close attention. The facial doesn’t help.

Val Williams


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