Cheeky: Not Quite What You Were Expecting


Cheeky Movie Details

Title: Cheeky
Studio: Team Skeet
Stars: Dani Dolce, Demi Lowe, Kami Kari, Maddy O’Reilly, Nina Kayy
Overall Rating:

3.75 stars

Cheeky isn’t a word we use a lot here in the United States, no matter how cheeky a person may be. We tend to call people sassy, or snarky. So Cheeky is an odd name for a movie, although what’s really odd is that this movie is about cheeks, which means it’s about asses, which means that we kind of expect anal penetration – but there isn’t any anal penetration in this movie. That’s unusual enough in porn – you can’t swing a cat in porn these days without it going up someone’s gaping asshole – but in a movie focused on asses? That’s just…charming, somehow.

There’s a lot of Nina Kayy, and a lot of it is ass – she’s a big bouncy buxom 36D-25-36 blonde with a cute smile and a ripe body. She looks like the kind of girl you’d have a solid chance of fucking at a Whitesnake show, and she puts on a good show of her own, sucking, riding and moaning her way through twenty minutes of straight up vag sex – in spite of the title hinting at ass action, she only takes it in the pussy, but I’m not complaining.

Maddy O’Reilly says Irish girls have the best booty, which I think a lot of nationalists from other places might debate, but you can’t complain about the one she presents, which she says has just reached forty inches. She’s definitely got the peaches and cream Irish complexion, and her devotion to Guinness has given her a perfect ass on this St. Patrick’s Day shoot. I love a redhead, and Maddy’s ass is almost as bouncy as the green shamrock deelybobbers she wears on her head for most of the scene.

Kami Kari is quiet and deliberate, and she doesn’t make a lot of typical porn noises – to begin with, anyway. She starts out slow but builds to a nice simmer – a tight little blonde with small tits but a big ass, she really knows how to work it when she’s riding her stunt cock. She loves having her ass worshipped, and she’s got enough of it for a whole congregation.

Demi Lowe is tired of her man not keeping up his end of the housework, so she sets out to show him what he’ll be missing if she leaves. he gets on the cleaning right away, enticed by the curves she displays in her sexy lingerie, and as a reward for good behavior, he gets to watch her shimmy, and then the curvy little Latina grants him access to that booty. He oils her up and fucks her silly, delivering a facial in the end.

Dani Dolce, like her name, is sweet, but her advice to women is to rule with the magic of the booty. It’s okay to be irrational as long as you have one tool in your toolbox – a phat, sexy, bouncy ass that you can use to hypnotize your man into doing whatever you say, agreeing to anything you propose, and bringing home dat money. No word here on how to handle things if you don’t have the booty, but fortunately, Dani does, and she rewards her man with it every time he balks.

Val Williams

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