Step Sibling Coercion #3: Come On, You Know You Want It


Step Sibling Coercion 3 Movie Details

Title: Step Sibling Coercion 3
Studio: Team Skeet
Stars: Cece Capella, Gina Valentina, Hollie Mack, Taylor May, Zoe Parker
Overall Rating:

3.5 stars

If you have any questions as to the quality of the coercion in Step Sibling Coercion 3, they should be answered by the fact that you actually get to hear someone say “Come on, you know you want it,”. Rest assured, these girls do in fact want it, and after a little convincing, they even ask for it. For those of you who are wondering which sibling is coercing which, rest assured it’s the stepbrothers hassling their sisters. For now, it’s just blackmail; there’s no threat of violence, and as is always the case in porn, the girls make it clear by their flirty tones and coquettish teasing that they really want it anyway. Whew!

Cece Capella says she’ll do anything if her brother will give her some money to go out drinking, but when he says she has to let him fuck her, she balks. The lure of drinks is strong, though, and she undresses and shows off her perfect C-cup tits and shapely ass. Her resistance melts quickly in the prospect of continued penury, and she bends over to let her brother take her from behind. She sucks a load out of him and takes his money, but refuses to pay him back, so he threatens to tell the folks. That works like a charm, and she’s on her knees again in moments, sucking away. She takes another load in the mouth and swears him to silence, but I think we all know how that’s going to work out. Not that well for her, as we see when he creeps into her room, gropes her in her sleep, and fucks her in the middle of the night when she wakes up.

Sexy Latina brunette Gina Valentina wants to get revenge on her cheating boyfriend, so she wheedles her brother into letting him suck his dick to take a revenge photo; she gives him a great blowjob, but her plan backfires when he starts bugging her to help him out with his boners. She lets him fuck her once, and the floodgates are open; she’s not happy when he comes in her mouth, but there’s not much she can do about it now, and she’s at his mercy when he decides to blackmail her for driving drunk. She protests, but she obviously enjoys it too.

Hollie Mack‘s sad when her boyfriend breaks up with her, and her brother’s best option is to make a pass at her, telling her the best way to get over a cheater is to fuck a relative. Her protests are less strident than Cece’s or Gina’s were, and she enjoys what she gets – enough that she’s okay with doing it a couple more times, no matter how much cum she gets on her face as a result.

Taylor May‘s got a crush on a hot guy, and she doesn’t mind texting pictures of her pussy when he asks – except it’s not him! It’s her brother on a burner phone, and once he’s got a few pictures of her, he’s not above blackmailing her into fucking him. Once she realizes that the hot guy she’s been after is easily accessible, she jumps on the opportunity to fuck him. He leaves her with a load of cum on her tits and a promise that he’ll be back. She tries to stay mad, but when he offers her a massage, she can’t resist and ends up getting fucked again, which means that when she protests him sneaking into the shower to film her masturbating, it’s not that believable. The blowjob after that is pretty much inevitable.

Zoe Parker‘s got a good thing going with her webcam business, and her brother likes spying on her through the door, and he likes what he sees enough to want some. She doesn’t love the idea, but doesn’t have much choice, and when it turns out her webcam customers like seeing her get fucked, she can’t resist the money. Being able to spend the money means that she gets home late and drunk, though, which means more blackmail, more blowjobs, more fucking, and more cum in her mouth. Being a webcam girl isn’t as easy as it’s cracked up to be!

Val Williams

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