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Open Your Eyes and Think of England: Five Hot British Movies

The British have a reputation for being stodgy and boring (a play called “No Sex Please, We’re British” played to packed house for seventeen years in London) but the truth is that they’re as horny and kinky as any other country, except maybe Japan. If you need proof, look no further than their porn, which is voluminous and comprehensive. Here, in a celebration of the Anglo-Saxon tendency to fuck just as much as, if not more than, anybody else, is a list of some of our favorite British smut.

Private Gold #207 - Sex, Brits and Rock n' Roll

1. Sex, Brits & Rock N’ Roll

Studio: private

If glamour’s your thing, Private always delivers. This big budget extravaganza stars a few of Private’s favorite go-to hotties, including Samantha Bentley and Lucia Love, and features their traditional high production values, sexy locations, hot women, and all out hardcore fucking. If you need to know what it’s about beyond what the title tells you, you’re not really focusing on what’s important here.

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Jim and Lara's Pick and Mix

2. Jim & Laura’s Pick N’ Mix

Studio: television-x

The British love their pro-am MILFs, and we love them too. Lara Latex has been at it since 2002, picking up a husband along the way, so it’s probably not really accurate to call her pro-am anymore, but there’s still a very fly-by-night feel to her productions – her husband Jim Slip is in the mix now, and the two of them carouse with each other and a selection of lucky mostly-amateurs in various combinations that keep them both – and you – satisfied pretty much constantly.

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Granny Extreme #10

3. Granny Extreme Vol. 10

Studio: lacey-starr-productions

Whatever you might want to say about the Brits, you can’t claim they’re not a lusty bunch, and the most delightful thing about their porn is the sense of naughtiness they carry with them, even when they’re not doing anything that terribly naughty. When they are being naughty, though, they stick to it for years. No further proof is needed than England’s thriving mature porn industry, where women who look like they should be resting comfortably in retirement after years of service at Downton Abbey continue to frolic energetically onscreen. Check out Lacey Starr for one of the finest examples.

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4. Worthless

Studio: pascalssubsluts

Pascal himself is French, but he’s just the tool that some Brits are using to wreak their will on the women of (mostly) England, so if you can take a French Rocco Siffredi, you’ll like this series. In-depth interviews with women who are definitely, enthusiastically submissive and very eager to be mistreated make it clear that that Pascal’s claim of “Real subs, Real sex, Real orgasms” is not in any way exaggerated.

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5. London Pounding

Studio: fake-taxi

If you like the kind of faked-up “reality” porn where people pretend to have spontaneous encounters, you should know about the Fake Taxi movies, in which “taxi drivers” fuck “passengers” in their taxis (I think the taxis are real) in “spontaneous encounters” recorded by “security cameras”. Unlike the Bangbros and most of their American contemporaries, the Fake Taxi people mostly use relatively convincing and enthusiastic amateurs, or at least lesser-known girls, instead of established pron stars, so there is actually some sense of reality to them. Anyway, if reality porn is your thing, these are pretty good approximations.

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