My Stepdaughter’s Bush: One in the Hand


My Stepdaughter’s Bush Movie Details

Title: My Stepdaughter’s Bush
Studio: Diabolic Video
Director: Mick Blue
Stars: Ember Stone, Jay Taylor, Kasey Warner, Penelope Reed, Derrick Pierce, Marcus London, Mark Wood, Tommy Gunn
Overall Rating:

3.75 stars

It’s nice to see some natural bush in porn – it’s kind of a rarity, and these girls have dedicated at least a few months to growing out the lady-garden for daddy. So it all depends on how you feel about incest, I guess. Me, I can take it or leave it, but if it’s your thing, and sales data suggest that it is, My Stepdaughter’s Bush is the perfect movie to watch if you’re thrilled about porn finally paying attention to your favorite fetish but have heretofore been disappointed with all these modern girl who shave their muffs. It’s the perfect flick for the incest traditionalist!

Cute bespectacled Jay Taylor feels terrible that her dad is so stressed, and she knows her mom is kind of nuts, so the naughty little brunette does what she can to make things easier for him. Mark Wood appreciates the attention, since he’s not getting any from his crazy wife. Like any good dad, he’s reluctant at first, but once she shows him her lush pussy-jungle, he can’t do anything but fuck her. Well, he can also eat her out, but it’s mostly fucking until he pulls out and pumps a load of jizz on her bush.

Kasey Warner knows that fucking her dad when her mom’s out of town on business is wrong, but in her defense, she’s a cock-hungry slut with a moral compass that points due south, and fucking dad in her mom’s bed really turns her on, so she goes ahead and does it anyway. For his part, Tommy Gunn‘s dick is in charge, so he can’t be blamed either. So no-one’s really at fault, and the chances are good Mom’s fucking her boss anyway – everybody wins!

Ember Stone hasn’t seen Derrick Pierce in a while – Mom divorced him while she was off at college – so when she drops in for a visit she’s surprised to find that she understands exactly why her mom was attracted to him in the first place. He’s handsome, he’s nice, and he has a big dick she can fit right into her sweet little pussy. For his part, he sees a girl with pierced nipples, a deep, eager throat, and a cute little bush that she’s happy to spread wide open, and why would either of them say no? She climbs aboard and rides him into the sunset, taking his cum on her furry pussy.

Penelope Reed comes home after college to a different house – her mom and younger brother are gone, but her room is just the way she left it, which means daddy Marcus London is in it hard and ready to fuck her again after her long absence. Who knows how he’s been getting by, without a stepdaughter to molest, but she’s back now, and just as helpless to resist daddy as she was when she left. He doesn’t even give her time to unpack, just pins her on the bed and strips her down so he can get inside her hairy pussy as soon as possible. She’s learned a lot in college, but her inability to say no is intact!

Val Williams

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