Evil Creampies and the Survival of Species

Evil Creampies Movie Details

Title: Evil Creampies
Studio: Evil Angel
Director: Jonni Darkko
Stars: Adriana Chechik, Anna Bell Peaks, Eden Sin, Keisha Grey, Natalia Starr, Valentina Nappi, Jonni Darkko, Moe “The Monster” Johnson
Overall Rating:

3.25 stars

Am I the only one who finds the curious inversion of the creampie a little strange? I mean, it’s essential for the survival of the species, but it’s so rare in porn that it’s its own fetish now. You hear about how whatever weird thing you like is replicated somewhere in the animal kingdom, but I’ll bet we’re the only species that pulls out to shoot a load on our partner’s face – you don’t see grasshoppers doing that, or horses – which means we’re the only species that thinks it’s a big deal when we get it in the right place. It’s a funny old world.

Jonni Darkko‘s Evil Creampies is a monster of a movie – three and a half hours of pretty much nonstop sex, with a few minutes of tease and stripping and exhibitionism thrown in here and there. It’s a great fuck movie, but connoisseurs of the creampie genre may not find it to be right in their wheelhouse. Since creampies really only constitute a small percentage of a sex scene, you really want to see them done right if you’re going to see them done at all, and while Jonni Darkko is a master at making a nice looking porn movie with hot girls and hot action in it, I don’t know if this will satisfy the hardcore creampie-ist. Creampies aren’t really my thing in porn; they’re a little bit of a contradiction, since an internal cum shot is by nature invisible and relatively brief, so making the most of one involves a girl squeezing it out and then probably playing with it, which is a little too gynecological for my taste. Thus a creampie movie is often also a snowballing or cum play movie, and I don’t know how much the taste for those things overlaps for enthusiasts of either or both.

Adriana Chechik, always one for the extreme, gets fucked left, right and center in every hole, gapes her ass, and screams and moans until she’s joined by Natalia Starr, who applies a big black dildo for a double penetration. She and Natalia work their mook to a climax that ends up on Adriana as much as in her, snowball and share the load until they’re both dripping and shining with spit and cum. Valentina Nappi also takes her man’s cock in mouth, ass and pussy; she doesn’t need an assistant to elicit his load, and he finally pumps it into her pussy, out of which she squeezes drop after stringy drop, finally turning around to clean off his cock with her mouth.

Keisha Grey doesn’t have quite the reputation for extreme fucking that Adriana does, nor quite the lush, surgically-enhanced body that Valentina has, but what she does have is some sincerity and a nice natural shape, and if her scene isn’t quite the same screaming slam fest that the other girls put on, it’s still a good one, and her creampie is closer to what I think of as what happens when real people fuck. Anna Bell Peaks; she takes on two big black cocks with the aid of Eden Sin, who demonstrates a capacity for deep throating and cum swapping that will probably leave you looking for her in more central roles.

Val Williams

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