Dirty Little Interracial Schoolgirl Stories: Better Than Learning About Imperialism


Dirty Little Interracial Schoolgirl Stories Movie Details

Title: Dirty Little Interracial Schoolgirl Stories
Studio: New Sensations
Director: Paul Woodcrest
Stars: Eden Sin, Gina Valentina, Kristen Scott, Kylie Page, Isiah Maxwell, Nat Turnher
Overall Rating:

3.75 stars

Dirty Little Interracial Schoolgirl Stories has a couple of things going on – what with the Interracial and the Schoolgirls – but it stops just short of being too busy. There are no MILFs, no step-relatives, no babysitting – just good clean fun with girls in schoolgirl uniforms (although some of them admit to not being real schoolgirls). So if you love schoolgirls and you love interracial, you’re getting a double shot here. See how we save you money?

Kylie Page isn’t really a busty blonde schoolgirl, but Ricky Johnson wants to dress her up as one, which he describes as a surprise. I doubt it’s as much of a surprise as he thinks it is – women often know about these things even when we think we’ve been pretty discreet. The music Paul Woodcrest has chosen makes it sound like he’s dressing her up as a schoolgirl one last time before she dies of cancer, but she makes it through, moaning in ecstasy as he treats her the way he would like to treat a real schoolgirl, if only he had one. You would too, if you met a schoolgirls with tits like hers, ripe and magnificent. She’s happy to play the role and to take a load on the tongue.

Eden Sin‘s supposed to be paying attention to her tutor, but Isiah Maxwell notices when her attention strays from the lesson; she’s actually thinking about how she’s not supposed to have anyone over but does, and also about how much she wants some of Isiah’s big black cock, which is exactly why she’s not supposed to have anyone over. Her dad clearly knows what kind of schoolgirl she is, and Isiah finds out shortly, when she pins him against a wall and demands a fucking. He can’t resist, and Eden learns a different lesson – namely, that a hand on her throat and a cock in her pussy is way more fun that studying the history of European colonization.

Kristen Scott can’t keep her fingers out of her pussy, so it’s no surprise that Nat Turnher can’t keep his fingers out of it either, or his cock. When he stops by to visit and finds her dressed up like a schoolgirl, he thinks it’s fucking time, but she wants to talk about their relationship – specifically about how she wants to tell everyone about them, including her dad, who would definitely not approve. And he’d be right – Nat’s an older man, she’s still in school, and he does the most depraved things to her lissome, tight young body, so Nat decides to get some fucking in before anybody finds out (although it’s possible she has one of those Jon Jon’s given Gina Valentina a ride home from school, but once they’re home, she’s not done riding. Her parents aren’t there and the neighbors can’t hear, so she figures it’s a good time to tell him how much she likes older guys and how much she wants a big black cock right then and there. He makes her wait while he goes down on her tiny little tight pussy, but she does get what she wants – a huge cock deep in her throat and then in her pussy. She fingers her ass and he fucks her in doggy, cowgirl, missionary and spoon, keeping a hand on her throat most of the time, delivering a load on her tiny firm tits.

Val Williams

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