The Horror: Mandingo Massacre 11


Mandingo Massacre 11 Movie Details

Title: Mandingo Massacre 11
Studio: Jules Jordan Video
Director: Jules Jordan
Stars: Ashley Fires, Samantha Saint, Selena Santana, Zoey Monroe, Mandingo
Overall Rating:

0 stars

You’d think after ten massacres that the authorities would have stepped in, or at least done some investigating as to whether Mandingo is some kind of radical Islamic terrorist. After the dismaying massacre events in Bowling Green and Sweden, it should be a national priority to find and stop the kind of people who perpetrate the kinds of things that continue to happen in Mandingo Massacre 11, but Mandingo just keeps on massacring, and no-one seems to care about it. His victims this time are Samantha Saint, Selena Santana, Zoey Monroe, and Ashley Fires. Requiescat in Pace, ladies; you will not be forgotten.

During her tease sequence, Samantha Saint looks like a Bond girl, cavorting languidly in a translucent, gauzy white fur-trimmed robe and almost nothing else. She’s blonde – as girls surnamed Saint (Olivia, Silvia, Ellen, Bonita, Angelica, Alice, and so on) are by law required to be – and eager. She never gets more than about four inches of Mandingo’s cock in her mouth, but her pussy is a different story. She’s much more hardcore than your usual Bond girl, moaning her way through a solid fucking and taking a facial.

Selena Santana is almost cartoonishly Latina, red lips, pouting sexy, moaning and writhing even before anyone gets near her. When Mandingo comes into the picture, she can’t keep her hands off his cock, going for it as though she were starving. He gets her on a leash, lets her drag him into the house, and stuffs her with cock. Selena never stops making noise, which may or may not be to your taste, but Mandingo seems to like it, and he never gives her any reason to stop making noise, so it’s pretty much an even bargain. She helps him jack off onto her face, and they can finally both relax.

For some reason, I keep thinking Zoey Monroe is a redhead, and then every time I see her, she’s not, which is fine. She’s great the way she is, which is blonde. Director Jules Jordan loves her too, and he follows her around the house admiring her ass, so we get to do the same. She says she’s going to get real naughty for us today, and when she finds Mandingo lounging around the house, she sets about it. Slowly at first but with increasing fire, she maneuvers him into a place where she can tell him to fuck her ass, and very shortly thereafter ask if he could maybe please just fuck her pussy instead. He’s happy with every hole, and he shows his satisfaction by delivering a load on her face.

Ashley Fires is another blonde, tall and lanky and looking like the kind of girl who has fake tits, even though she doesn’t. Ashley is sultry and breathy and amazed at the size of Mandingo’s dick, as are most of his first-timers. “I’ve never even seen a dick this big,” she says, but doesn’t need to mention that she has also never held, tasted, or bounced up and down on one that big either. For a girl with no experience on a pole that huge, she does fine, taking him in both ass and pussy and squirting all over him before the traditional facial.

P. Weasels

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